What Are You Sensing?


Your senses are one of the ways your gifts are perceived and manifested. Each sense has a gift and a way of assisting you.  This is even true if a particular sense seems to not be present. It is there in some form of expression; and can also be assisting in highlighting another sense or senses.

Your intuition, psychic ability and telepathy come through your senses.  Even in receiving information beyond your 5 senses you access, perceive and interpret within the framework of your mind, body and senses.  In order to move into the etheric and tuning into the subtle energy one needs to clear their senses and attune to the lesser used senses. 

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We tune in and  align energetically through the Subtle Energy    to connect within to receive and decode the messages from God/Universe and our Higher Self.  The Subtle Energy is perceived through our senses, and yet is beyond our personal senses.

Our senses have to be reassessed, cleansed, cleared and nurtured  every now and then.

We all have preferred ways of sensing.  Some people use their vision, some their sense of smell and others their sense of touch and feeling.  Other people use a combination of sensory perception.

Your senses are the anchors to your sensory perception.  Due to habit many people tend to rely on one or two of the senses more than the others.  Very few people take the time to heightened their senses.

There is a Shamanic Inner Process where we are guided to look at the sense or senses that we habitually use and are more comfortable with using.  We take a few days to notice how we perceive the world.  We do this by slowing down to really see and feel how we observe and how we arrive at our understanding and conclusions.  

We also do this process when we are sensing a shift; or have a feeling of missing something; or not being able to see the whole picture from Great Spirit.  Very often we block what Great Spirit and our Higher Self; or Guardian Angel is communicating to us, because the scenery in our life has become so incidental.  We need to see with fresh awareness to see what is in plane view, but hidden from us due to our perception that "nothing has changed" and our life, the scenery in our life is the "same old same old" - nothing new.  There is new... We just need to shift and re-entrain to see it anew.

Are we taking in life through taste and smell?  Are we visually taking in the sights of our life?  Do we hear our inner messages; and are we sensitive; or even over sensitive to the sounds of life?

Once our dominate way of perceiving is know we then make a decision and vow to integrate another one of our senses that we do not readily use.  In slowing down our thoughts and actions we begin to feel the space around our sensory perceptions.  We are able to more objectively observe the intake of information, processing of experiences and the conclusions we we make through our assimilation of stimuli, ideas, interactions and living.

When we always rely on one sense or a certain set of sensory perceiving we are more easily entrenched in fixed ideas, thoughts and viewpoints. It is harder for new insight, data and perceptions to come through to be revealed.  

We begin to live more by projection than perception; and we lessen our ability to perceive sense data - that which is not yet in physical form.

Do you need to smell more of life?
Do you need to hear the sounds of nature and your own Inner Voice?
Do you need to see differently?

By slowing down and asking yourself these questions and making the effort to take in your perceptions differently you will perceive what seemed to be hidden or out of view for you.
Your messages and all of life will take on a more vivid view; and you will be able to respond to the new impulse that is moving through you.  This impulse is your guiding and motivating force of life from The All That Is.

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