Wake Up to the True Self

Many are waking up to a new depth and way of being in the world.
This waking up to a new understanding of life has many people searching for their “Soul Tribe” or “Spiritual Family”
You are guided to this Soul Tribe internally.  You are drawn to this group by your genuine interests and by following your heart.
Our family and our friends take many forms.  Our family can be our family of “origin” or a new found family gathered from our interests and focus on our life path.
Our family can be wonderful colleagues in a meaningful project or group endeavor.
In truth our family, to some degree, is everyone we meet.

We are all not only part of the human family, but a universal family that is spiritually connected.  When you realize that you are part of an interconnected expression, web and weave of the All That Is – all of nature and everyone you no longer feel compelled to “fit in”.  You now simply want to share your life with those that understand you more; as well as appreciate you and your gifts. You no longer seek to try and change people, or prove you are “right”.  You know you are “right” for you, as you and that you are a Divine Soul Expression; and so is everyone else.  This "you" that you are waking up to  is the True You... It is the you that is an bodied manifestation of your Soul.
I call this time on the path moving from tolerance and respect to honoring. You begin to honor your Divine Life Expression as a unique Soul; and honor other Divine Soul Expressions.  This happens even if you don’t understand or agree with a particular Soul Expression and how this particular Soul is expressing through beliefs, ideology, ideas and actions.  You can now choose to lovingly allow while you move into Conscious Creation.  You become more conscious of your creations, manifestations and ways of relating.  You now take the time to slow down and really open to receive the insights, direction and guidance of your Higher Self. The more you can honor you, the easier it is to honor others.  This honoring is not based on agreement, and in some cases not even in understanding. 
This Higher Self is the guiding force of your Soul.  You can also call this aspect of “you’ your Soul Self.  It is the individualized Higher Octave of you that retains the Universal connection and awareness of you as an aspect of the All That Is.  This aspect of you knows no separation and always guides you toward that which is more life enhancing and fulfilling.
Part of waking up as if from a deep foggy slumber is a deep need to connect with others in harmonious relating and sharing. There begins to be an urge for what not “seems” real or fulfilling, but what feels fulfilling and life enhancing.
As you wake up to your True Self… your Soul Expression begins to be the underlying and driving impulse in your life.  There are many layers and modes of detangling from the False Ego and the Egotist Manifestations that need to take place for one to connect into their Soul Expression.  
 In connecting more to your Soul Expression and living this expression there is a natural tendency to desire to live a more meaningful and purposeful life.   This inner urge and nudge from your Higher Self guides you to question mainstream trends and populace belief systems. It his here a person asks: “There must be something more.”  “I know I am here for a deeper purpose.”  This deeper purpose will be revealed by you following your Inner Guidance and what you are organically drawn to.  The activities, situations that give way to natural joy are the realm of your Soul.  
What you are naturally drawn to and what is organically unfolding for you is from your Soul Blueprint.  If there seems to be inconsistencies look for areas of conflict and divergent ideas, goals, and intentions in your life.  Your Higher Self can guide you to see and feel what is really "you" and not the false or constructed version of you.
Take time from the externals of your life to open to the deeper direction of your Soul Expression.

Affirmation: I am receiving the insight and inspiration to manifest my Soul’s Purpose

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