Self Expression is the Realm of the Soul. It is the Key to Your Fulfillment and Abundnace

How can you more fully live the energy of the emotions you are feeling?
Our emotions are energy in motion. This literally means there is an energetic aspect to them, as well as a function. Each emotion represents and aspect of self that is in a more condensed form. This is why we are able to name the emotion.

We can only name what is in form, for it is the form that allows us to “see” what is before us; or what we are experiencing.

 Naming is a way of understanding, sharing and codifying.  All forms are patterns or systems of energy. Patterns of energy are also relating patterns. We know how to relate to something or someone by the form we perceive it to be. In other words a form shows us how to relate to it. If I see a basketball this type or form shows me what game to play or how to use this form. If I see a football or a tennis ball these forms show me the game to play.

A type of relationship shows us how to relate or relays a general idea of what to expect in our interaction with a person; or in a type of situation. This is a structure or form of energy and it has a pattern that calls it into existence. If I am seeking employment and go to an interview for the position I am seeking there will be a certain form of energy and expression of this energy between the interviewer and myself. This form of energy has a quality of energy.

 Our forms of energy expression and relating patterns of energy are not etched in stone; however they do carry within them a template or prevailing structure. The truth of our being is beyond the label or name of the emotion. We are the energy in motion in the process of becoming form or releasing the form. As soon as energy has become an emotion; which we create as an expression of our being we have literally moved on from that emotion. I like to call this place the “free form” place. It is the place of our potential becoming and unfolding. This is the place before we are formed. You see this place with children.

 Young children rarely hold onto their emotional states, unless well-meaning adults ask them to do so; and or “name” what they are moving through or going through. Toddlers fall down, scrape their knees and cry out of hurt, frustration and perhaps a bit of shock. If there is something sufficient in their environment to catch their eye they then forget about their mishap and follow their new focus. I am not saying toddlers, children, and all of us, in fact, don’t need to understand ourselves, as well as, each other emotionally.

We do,  I am suggesting, however, that when we over focus on the emotional state of our being to the exclusion of the energy it represents we begin to become stuck in a “conditioned response” pattern and a chronic mode of being. The Spirit of our Being is fluid. As in yoga when it is said the spine is flexible the mind is fluid and the being adapts. This is a large part of health and healthy living. 

When we are chronically stuck chances are we are not using the energy of the situation or the emotion to create or self- express.

Self Expression is the realm of the Soul. If you are feeling stuck you most likely are  not be expressing as fully as your Soul would like you to be doing.  Our Higher Self is always giving us guidance, signposts and messages that let us know our next step and action of unfolding.  Many times we either don't "like" what the messages we are receiving, don't understand them; or we are fearful to do our "next step".   We hear or see the guidance and think: "Not me, I can't do this; or I am not ready."  If you are receiving the message you are ready. It is your fear or misunderstanding that is holding you back. 

Start with small forms of expression and work your way outward.  Little risks create more change in a stabilized way that the Inner Psyche can better handle.

If you aren't taking little risks in your Self Expression this means that certain parts of you are not getting enough full expression.  This causes energetic blockages.  All aspects of our being are integral to our wholeness.  All aspects have their right to full radiant expression in healthy, life enhancing ways.  It is part of our Soul Path to journey and find these fulfilling and life enhancing modes of expression.  This brings a joy in being and living.  This also affirms our own individual uniqueness.

Find ways to express more fully and authentically and you will find yourself feeling less stuck.


Karen Jolly said...

Love this Michele! So true - if I'm not finding outlets for expression, I'm one stuck girl!!! The fluidity of life is the place to be - thank you for sharing this!

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

hi karen,
good point! we need to those outlets for self/creative expression.
i find also physical movement helps-- exercise, hiking, biking, yoga, dance...etc..
i guess we are meant to move! :-)
and if not in body then mind and emotions.
great to connect with you here and twitter
peace and light

Luna said...

love it when what I need to hear
finds me
and even better when it comes from a friend
perfect words for me today
thank you

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...


wonderful..wonderful....and, yes i agree, nice to come from a friend.

i am so in joy that this was timely for you.
i am seeing this with so many people i work with and come in contact with.

hope all is in a wonderful flow with you