How Do You Like to Travel on Your Soul Path?


Movement, clarity and rest stops…
Have you ever been on a road trip?
Well, for those of you who have you know they have their own rhythm and pace.
You drive a bit, take time to explore, stop at a park or rest stop to hike, walk, look around, eat and re-group.  The other important part of traveling is what to pack. You don't want to pack too much; and yet on a road trip you do have the luxury of packing some of your comfort items, and extra gear or clothing.  You can bring that comfy pillow, page worn I Ching book and cooler for your juices and synergy.  You can have more of a "house on the road" feel in your packing if you choose too; however if you over pack you will feel heavy and held back.
Sometimes on a road trip you take a “mad dash trip” driving as many miles as you can to “get there”.  Other types of road trips have a lot of time for off the beaten path explorations, nature trails; or even shopping sprees.
Some road trips are around foods, coffee shops or other points of interests.  Traveling is best done with an idea, outline, itinerary, agenda with plenty of room for incidentals and little surprises.  It is important to have an idea and focus, or agenda.  A business trip is different from a leisure trip and they usually start off differently. It is possible to combine the focus of the two; however to do this you have to really know you; as well as the place you are traveling and with whom.

I once did a road trip based on “Life is a Spa”.  Our focus was rest, relaxation and going with the travel flow.  We stayed at hotels that had great, and for some at least good spas, pools and gyms.   We hiked, played in nature, met great people and took  time to aimlessly wander. Wander is the key word here.  

Wandering implies space. Wandering is not rushed or forced.  We had the time and our intention was set to this at the beginning of our trip. We also knew not only each other, but ourselves.  
Wandering takes honesty, because you are not cramming every bit of space, nook and cranny with "to dos", have to do  or suppose to do.  When there is less expectation and more space you tend to see what is really there.  There are less deflections and more accountability.  You are aware that you are picking and choosing along the path.
 You have to be in the right mindset – not expecting, but knowing that life, traveling and this earth experience are magical. You have to be open to the magic, but not demanding.   Anyone that has put demands on the Universe, God, Higher Self and  life in general has gotten the proverbial slap in the face.  Yet, when one is open on their path, believing, knowing and receptive to the magic it just happens.
When your traveling wandering many times brings some great gems of experiences. The keyword here is wander. We took our time, took in the scenery, until the very last 100 miles when the “let’s get on with it” intention kicked in..
So, April is about respites, tuning in times on your path; and getting clarity.  April is also about the Play of Spirit. You have to take time out not only for the little surprises and play, but also  the twists and turns of life.
You will experience clarity on “how you like to travel”, and with whom.
There will be a lot of clearing out and clarifying. Some of this will be consciously done  on your part and some of the clarity will come from a place seemingly outside of you from other people and outer circumstances. Take time to focus on what and whom you need and want to bring along for the ride. Those who don't come with you on this leg of the trip you can connect with later.  The key is honestly accessing what easily fits into your suitcase and or car and not taking excess baggage.
Take this time this month to really access how you like to travel in life.  Come to terms with what you really need to feel fulfilled.  Look around at friends, acquaintances, work associates, colleagues and your environment to truthfully see what really fulfills, supports, nourishes, nurtures and triggers deeper understanding and growth for you.
It’s not a time to cut off, though you might experience separations at this time. It is a time to really allow clarity to show you the way you like to travel.

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