A New Level of Trust in Your Higher Self

The changes that are before you now require a new level of trust in your Higher Self.

This requirement or requisite is the foundation of a new way of living and being in the world.

It is a way that is not overly focused on the material; or that which is easily seen.

In looking, feeling and sensing what is below the surface you will receive the insights, information and direction that you need.

At this time many people are feeling stuck as they are not liking their choices; or what is before them.

Our freewill choice is actually more about how we respond to what is before us and our circumstances more than completely changing the trajectory of events.  This is an advanced metaphysical principle.

All that is on the earth unfolds in it's own time, rhythm and within in boundaries; as well as increments.
Exponential leaps come with leaps of faith.

This cycle there is a major focus on "risk"; not risk without a foundation as with egotist manifestations, but a risk, stretch that reinforces our faith and trust in the Inner Part of us that is guiding us.

The changes that are to be made this year, and in fact for the next 3- 3 1/2 years will not happen without a sense of "risk", adventure, uncertainty.... for the ego aspect; or conditioned aspect of Self- the Little Self

The decisions that are to be made are occurring in a way and manner that the Little Self is being challenged to believe in the Higher Principle - Higher Octave of our creations.  This means we are being challenged to look at all the puzzle pieces and  put forth the effort to put them together.  We are not creating the puzzle pieces.  This is orchestrated by our Higher Self.   The Little Self  is being asked to apply itself and put in the persistent effort and follow through enacting and enabling the Higher Directive.

It is a time of applying what we have learned... Or, finding out if what we say we learned is simply is only on the surface or lip service.

Astrologer Stephanie Austin spoke of this on the Awakenings Podcast .  She shed some very insightful and helpful light on the astrological aspects of this "learning curve".  I found Stephanie's  explanations to be very easily understood and helpful.  She really underscored what I had been receiving psychically; as well as seeing in my private healing practice and with the callers on Awakenings. I even asked her why this was happening and if there were astrological aspects that delineated this cycle.  She relayed great insight on this; as well as ways to prepare and navigate this personal and collective patch on the Soul Path of Awakening. 

Part of our Awakening  is responding, receiving, living, experiencing  and expressing differently on this  Life Path and Earth Terrain.  It is not meant to be easy; however it is meant to be magical... The easy or difficult aspect of our path is up to interpretation of our ego-personality aspect. If this aspect is very conditioned it will not be able to discern accurately or as authentically.  The idea of easy or hard is of a dual nature; and therefore of a play of the extremes of polarity.  The Soul and Spiritual Nature of us doesn't think in these terms. It just is and goes with what is, and is in becoming and unfolding.  I always say the Soul doesn't mind going all the way from Los Angeles California to China to get to San Diego California. For the Soul it is about resonance and the completions along the way.

Take time to really see what is in front of you.... Now, is not a time to take for granted your support systems inner and outer.  Step back and reassess what is really in front of you.  Many times we think we know what is in front of us; however because we have been looking at if for so long we don't see or feel what has changed.  It is like the overly worn rug in a person's house.  Over the years they may think: " Ya, I have a rug. It's all OK."   They don't see that the rug is thread bare and badly worn. 

Sometimes we look at what is in our life in the same old way.  Perhaps we don't appreciate it; or perhaps we don't realize we have change, have grown and need something new.

Years ago I had wanted a new car; however the practical part of me didn't want to buy one, as my old one was still working and was serving it's  purpose.  However, I had shifted and I really wanted a little convertible sports car.  I could afford it; and even had a resource for the one I wanted.  Two weeks later, my old - dependable car was stolen out of a parking lot... They found it completely stripped and I had to buy the car I now wanted.

I had shifted.  Spirit/God- My Higher Self had put the ingredients in front of me for a new car that more fit my personality(Soul Expression)and love of the outdoors.  I had to take a risk... Or, so I thought.   I wanted to wait, to be safe and do what I would normally do within my comfort zone.  I thought the convertible is more money, more insurance; and did I have the time to look for a car.  However, I had shifted already internally.  Our Soul Expression is always unfolding in ways that are expressing and experiencing in more and more ideal and fulfilling ways. If we allow this unfolding and the Inner Guidance that directs.

The outer circumstances needed to reflect my inner growth and what was more aligned to the Soul Me. I was getting the chance; and since my Higher Self is pretty spunky it aligned me to  and co-created the perfect scenario for me to have to say "Yes" to my growth.  The pieces were there; I just had to put them together and follow through. Call it fate or faith. It's a bit of both. Faith does not happen without the Inner Foundation. It is the Little Self that many times doesn't see the new structure that is there etherically.

Remember that your Inner Light is the guidance that brings clarity.

When darkness abounds your light shines even brighter.

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