Your fulfillment is formatted within you and for you

When one manifests from which there is no template or blueprint it is "setting oneself" up for inner failure and a life of non fulfillment on the deepest level.  This use to be "OK" when we lived on this dimension more from the egotistic plane of understanding and expression.
This is changing...and in the etheric plane has already changed.  We are changing it on the Astral and Emotional Level of being.  The next change to be witnessed; or manifested will be on the plane of the Visible or Material Plane.

You cannot manifest what is not in your Soul Design in a way that is fulfilling and life enhancing.  Until you learn to manifest from the Soul there will always be a disconnect or emptiness that can never be filled inside.
Ultimately one must move away from what one "thinks" they need and want to what one is truly meant to express on this dimension of experience.   Your fulfillment is formatted within you and for you.  This fulfillment is the fulfillment of the living question within you; as psychologist and philosopher Carl Jung put it.

To experience and express this fulfillment it requires that you really know "you", and not from a surface level of awareness; or by   what seems popular.  This is also called the "Glamour Realm" because it is seen to be what is exciting or attractive.  When one manifests from True Resonance with the Soul  it will always uplevel in octaves to experiences and expressions that are most life enhancing.

Your Soul Design is a blueprint for what is to be manifested.  This is why it is so important, and even critical to know oneself. It is only in knowing oneself that one has the wisdom to know if it is a condition response pattern/relating pattern/energetic pattern/belief that is blocking one or if one is on the wrong path with the wrong focus.  Ultimately this can only be known by a deeper Inner Connection, Inner Understanding, Inner Knowing and deeper Inner Love.  This insight and understanding comes from  the landscape of the ones own Inner Terrain.  The Map is within and it is multidimensional with a virtual GPS that can only be navigated through Resonance and the Inner Prompting via the Subtle Energy of one's being.  

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