Every Imbalance is a Call for Conscious Expression

In order to take back projections you need to see the light you see in others as your own.  Light and Dark are simply reflections of the same Source.  We perceive variations of Light Expression as Shadow and Light.  

However, there is light in the shadow and there is dark in the light.  What one is not aware of remains in the shadows; yet what is in the shadows  can take on many forms and can be a positive reflection.

Taking back projections focuses not only on the “negative” or less life enhancing projections, but also the “positive” projections.
The gifts, talents and abilities that you see, respect and admire in others very often points to this within yourself.

Your projections can take on a life enhancing form or they can show  you where your wounding lies.  The more emotional charge one has in any given area shows not only where a projection is present but wounding.

The Energies of the New Emerging Consciousness that make up the New Paradigm require that we integrate the polarizing forces within.  This means that we move out of the “idea” of good and bad in a way that allows us to recognize where the extremes are in our life.
The extremes are what trigger emotional “stuck states” and “conditioned response patterns”

What does this mean? It means that what polarizes us connects us to and cements us to our Egoic Nature and not our True Nature which is our Soul Expression.

Look for areas in your life where your responses, reactions and in fact reality of your experience is over polarized.  Spiritual Wisdom comes in balance. A balance view of what is right for you and the other.  Spiritual Wisdom has compassion not only for the “other” but also you.

It is important at this time that you not get caught up in the polarization of expression.  In doing so you will  perpetuate relating patterns that are not of your Soul Design.

Many people don’t realize that your body-mind has Ancestral Memory and Intentional Focus.  Our body has it’s own path based on biology, ancestral patterning and it’s own Dharma.  Our mind and our past life -–other dimensional reality also has it’s own unfolding. You add this to our Soul Expression and our unfolding of Consciousness it is a lot to balance.’
The keyword here is “balance”. 

The Higher Directive will always reflect balance.
If you are living your life in a way that you are feeling a lot of imbalances  then you are going to have to bring  Conscious Awareness   to your choices, decisions and expressions.  
There can be divergent needs and wants that are present and that can only be brought into harmony by awareness and a conscious balancing.   Our Soul Design always expresses in balance.  This balance is as unique and individual as each person. 

Take this time now to see where your imbalances are in your life.  Take time to bring conscious awareness to these imbalances without judgment.

Every imbalance is a call for Conscious Expression…

Ask yourself what can you consciously integrate and express?
What is longing to express through you as you?
Where are you not fully expressing and holding yourself back?
Remember where you are holding yourself back our of a “fear state” is where your Soul Essence wants to express.

Find the support to let you express more fully in life enhancing ways.
This is the dictate of the Soul and your responsibility to respond to this dictate.

This is living from the Template of the Soul.


Jacqueline Stone said...

This post really speaks to me today, Michele. I just experienced the gift of being shown the projections of some old mental constructs. So glad to bring them out of the shadows. :)

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

hi jacqueline :-)
i love hearing this :-)

we live not only from projection, but also perception.... i know what you mean about "old mental constructs" i have been clearing some of mine own out!!

it is also good for all of us to remember that not all projections are "bad"... sometimes we don't see our gifts, but see them in others.
always great to connect with you :-) xo