True Strength and Inner Knowing

Let your Strength come from your Inner Knowing.

True strength comes from an understanding of your gifts, talents, life experience and wisdom from this life experience.

If you depend on others to acknowledge you, then your strength will not be of a true level and will be top heavy.

Top heavy strength or understanding is not deep; or rooted enough to sustain you for the long haul. Remember that your desires and needs are subconsciousness.

Take time to note what you are wanting and what you think you need. What you focus on gains strength….

So, focusing on you in healthy ways, nurturing, life enhancing and honoring ways strengthens you…

Focus on what supports the "Inner You" in ways that are balanced, creative, loving and life enhancing.

Also, have an awareness that strengthening the "Inner You" is also strengthening the "Outer You" Boundaries are key now.

Are people over stepping your boundaries, your kindness? Are you allowing this by not honoring your needs?

Take time to know what is truly needed to keep your Inner Strength by observing what is occurring outside of you.

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