Making Room for Your Manifestations

Allow more space in between your doing and more space in between your thinking.

The deep inner knowing and inner change that brings outer change happens in the spaces.

The New Paradigm is requiring that all that is in excess or extraneous be pared down…
You will know what to pare down and what to enhance by following that which enlivens you more and that which is in front of you.

                                                                           Follow the openings while you keep in mind your vision, let the steps unfold by stepping towards what is in front of you and not behind you.

Your Higher Self knows your dreams, wants and desires.  Your Higher Self also knows how to utilize existing circumstances and trends to get you to your ultimate goal or dream. 

By parring down you make room for the shifts to occur, insights to be brought to your cognitive awareness and the space to draw in the new.

The steps to your next level of manifestation are created by the material in your present circumstances.  You may not understand it, or see it; however your Higher Self is dancing with the Universe to bring a fluid flow of your next unfoldment.

The openings indicate new pathways being created. Sometimes these pathways have a lot of space and it seems there isn't anything coming forth.  The space in time means that adjustments, attunements or an alignment is taking place.  This adjusting is not only on our end, but with the other 'key players' so to speak; as well as the collective or Universal Timing.

In aligning to the New Emerging Consciousness of the New Paradigm this timing is synchronistic and based on resonance, coherence and synergy.
As more in the picture of co-creation takes shape and form the 'Gap of Time'  closes in on this dimension and one's manifestation becomes visible; and therefore liveable.

Ask yourself: Is your life so full that there is no space for something or someone new?
What do you gain by being overly Full?  
This can not only be with activities, 'to do lists' but for some it can be with food.
Many people fear space. They interpret it as emptiness; or as a void. In truth all comes from a void. Artists know this is an important part of creating.
If you fear the blank canvas you won't be able to create.
Look for ways to get comfortable with space so that the new aspects and energies from your Soul can  emerge through as you and into your life.


Jacqueline Stone said...

Excellent post, Michele! Space is needed for creation, for something new to arise. When your life is cluttered you're not available to new inspiration, insights, or opportunities. Gifts arrive in the space created when we let go of what we're holding.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

hi jacqueline, i so love how you put this.
it is so true- we need to allow; and/or create the space for something new to arise.
always great to connect with you. :-)

Sibo Zhang said...

Great post, Michele. I always try to keep myself not too busy in order to leave more time and space for myself to grow. Living in today's fast changing world, I total agree with you that we need to keep our eyes and ears open to new stuffs everyday

Anonymous said...


I would like to see more posts on tips to transform your life.

I find your posts to be very helpful; especially the posts that give useful tips that I can incorporate into my life.

I also need tips to balance work, motherhood and my own personal life. I am going back into the workforce and I don't want to burn out.

Thank you for sharing your light