Abundance Starts with What You See

Take time this week to look around  your life.

Really take your life in and see what is working.

See what is supporting you.

See and feel what is nourishing and nurturing you.

Where are the places of joy?

What are the activities that renew your Spirit and refresh your body?

What inspires you?

Really take time to drink in all that is expressing as abundance in your life.

If you are feeling that you don't have enough or aren't enough you are aren't seeing something...

Probably you aren't seeing a lot of something...

Take time to look at what is flowing and what is enough.

You can't create abundance from a place of lack.

The more you see and acknowledge the abundance in your life the more you message the Universe that you believe there is more.

It is your beliefs, whether conscious or subconscious that set up the outer playground of your life.

If you seem to have less start believing in more.


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