Manifesting from the Soul Design

    There is a difference between manifesting from the Soul level and the Egotistic level.

Your manifestations emanate from your Soul Design… They are the aspects, experiences and expressions reflected from your Soul, your Soul Path and Soul Purpose.

Every experience that you have has within it the elements of your own individual complex of vibrational frequencies.
There are conditioned responses and relating patterns stemming from unhealed wounding and living from the wound that block your Soul Design from fully being expressed; or from being expressed. 

Ultimately your manifestations come from your Soul Design and are expressions and experiences of this Design in physical form.  I add italics to the word ultimately because the Soul Design is the intentionality and pattern of expression and form of beings and life.
If you are meant to express as a banana this lifetime I don't care how many affirmations, stickie notes, meditations or workshops you do you won't become a rose...  Just won't happen..   The Soul is so happy expressing and experiencing as a 'banana' really it is. It keeps wondering why are my banana expressions seen as not as conscious, aware, spiritual or
prosperous  as the 'rose' expressions?

 The Soul wonders what's all the big fuss? "I" like my life and these whacky, interesting love expressions and experiences it states to us by the Spiritual Urge and inner prompting that many try and ignore or subvert. 

All is a variation of Love - knowing, understanding, expressing, and experiencing Itself.  All is an expression of or cry out for Love in varying degrees, ways and forms.
The Soul has no "plan" to be other that It is and designed to be or reflect.  It sees nothing wrong with living in a hut or a mansion with 50 cents or 50 million dollars.  Your Soul is configured from a place that is so beyond the surface mind of knowing. The Soul dictates expression as it is an individualized expression of the All That Is.. So, best to find out what you are really to be doing "here" rather than what you think you would "like" to be doing here; or what someone else says you are to be doing here...

When one tries to manifest from which there is no template or blueprint it is "setting oneself" up for inner failure and a life of non fulfillment on the deepest level.  This use to be "ok" when we lived on this dimension more from the egotistic plane of understanding and expression.  This is changed...and in the etheric plane has already changed.  We are changing it on the Astral and Emotional Level of being.  The next change to be witnessed; or manifested will be on the plane of the Visible or Material Plane.

I read a quote the other day that stated: “ That it takes as long as it takes to manifest something as it takes for the person to release resistance.”  I thought to myself how misinformed a statement and belief.  This statement is not reflecting an understanding of  Esoteric Knowledge, Spirituality or the Soul and it’s path.   There can be resistance within from conditioned response patterns of an emotional or mental level that blocks or limits one’s dreams, desires or manifestations.  However, you cannot manifest what is not in your Soul Design.  Ultimately one must move away from what one "thinks" they need and want to what one is truly meant to express on this dimension of experience.   Your fulfillment is formatted within you.  It requires that you really know "you", and not from a surface level of awareness; or by   what seems popular.  This is also called the "Glamour Realm" because it is seen to be what is exciting or attractive.  When one manifests from True Resonance with the Soul  it will always uplevel in octaves to experiences and expressions that are most life enhancing.

Your Soul Design is a blueprint for what is to be manifested.  This is why it is so important, and even critical to know oneself. It is only in knowing oneself that one has the wisdom to know if it is a condition response pattern/relating pattern/energetic pattern/belief that is blocking one or if one is on the wrong path with the wrong focus.  Ultimately this can only be known by a deeper Inner Connection, Inner Understanding, Inner Knowing and deeper Inner Love.  This insight and understanding comes from  the landscape of the ones own Inner Terrain.  The Map is within and it is multidimensional with a virtual GPS that can only be navigated through Resonance and the Inner Prompting via the Subtle Energy of one's being.  

The Self to know is the self beyond the constructed self or false ego.  Your constructed ego can easily be manipulated into false pathways to avoid discomfort, fear and uncertainty.  This constructed ego many times mistakes wanting to be a part of with a fear of not belonging and not being good enough.  These two buttons are quite a motivator to go with false information to seem to be somebody instead of honoring the somebody that it is.  The somebody that each of us are is a somebody that is a Divine Reflection from the kaleidoscope of the many shades of colors, tones, shimmers, notes, hues within the Expression and Experience of the All That Is of Creation. 

In the Old Paradigm much was based on what one had or manifested in their life.   Many of the beliefs, even the one’s that were purported to be “channeled” or part of the New Age were simply a rehashing, mash up or updated version of the major religions and their tenets.
These beliefs are based on fear and judgment as to what makes one have a “prosperous” life.  These beliefs and ideas are also based on “scarcity” and an over focus on a “what can be seen” reality.    In these belief models it is presumed that if a person has whatever is seen as important in the popular culture that they are very conscious, spiritual, making it and a great manifestor.

The beliefs and ideals that are propagated by these philosophies tend to downgrade other expressions, experiences and manifestations of life that are not in the “popular” main stream idea of how life is to be lived.  These belief systems either tacitly or explicitly espouse that those Soul Expressions that don’t live a certain lifestyle, have a certain amount of money, possessions and types of relationships are some how lacking; or not as ‘evolved’.  You can see this belief reflected in the various videos, books and the teachings behind the content.  This may sell a lot of books, classes, and even sell an idea of what we are doing here; however it does nothing to really connection one with their Soul and their Soul Purpose. 

To make manifest is to make evident, obvious and to be made to be seen.  The derivation is from the Middle English manifeste and Old French and Latin word manifestus.  So to manifest is to simply bring into visible form.  Visible is the key here, as the visible part of us is about ¼ if that, of who and what we are… As Beings of Spirit we are infinite and therefore not only our creations, manifestations are infinite but also our experiences and expressions.

The truth everything is a manifestation of Spirit into physical form.  Manifestations can come from an Egotistic level or a Soul level.    To manifest from what one thinks they need and want is very limiting. These types of manifestations and life focus do not take into account one’s Soul Design, Soul Purpose and Soul Path.

 The decisions from a place without this Inner Knowing and connection to one’s own Higher Self, which comes from beyond the surface mind, are based on ‘man made’ laws and ideas only and not the higher or more expanded aspect of Consciousness.  They are not bad…or good… They are just of a more limited nature and understanding.  We have lived with a medium range of experience and expression of what is right or wrong.  It is now time to leave the area of right or wrong and rise above to what is most honoring, life enhancing, fulfilling and sacred.

Perhaps the question is if every life is sacred how do we honor this, even if we don’t understand a particular life expression.  In the path of “Human Expression” there are preferred life paths and expressions.   These expressions and experiences will usually include what is financial stability, a certain fico score, the guy or girl next to you; and for many a prestigious title.  In the Western culture it is the right marriage, relationship, the house in the right neighborhood, children of a certain level or health, a certain body type, even hair type, a type of dress all living in a certain zip code.  Unfortunately if one isn’t living this reality they are made to seem not as aware or not of a certain level of Consciousness

What is missing here?  The Soul - it  is not only missing, but also not honored.

It literally hurts my heart to see this; to see how many are manipulated into feeling their life, their incarnation and their level of awareness and consciousness is minimized due to this small part of their life they are living on this dimension. What is expressed and expressed in this life; or dimension is not the sum total of anyone… This or other corresponding dimensions are not your total expression, experience or beingness. 

In the New Paradigm what will matter is what is the true Soul Expression and Soul Purpose for a person.   This will be made clear by one’s connection to their Soul Design, understanding this, aligning to this and living it seamlessly.   We are meant to experience and express our Soul and not a version or idea of our Soul from a source outside ourselves.  This outer source can be a person, a doctrine, a channeled personality, a philosophy or religion.  The true source is within and it is without doctrine.  There can be philosophies or principles that lead and guide us there; however they cannot become our source. 

Every life form, expression and experience of life in the Universe is valid, needed and part of the Whole of Life Expression of the All That Is.  If it is “here” then it is valid and an integral part of the whole.  Every expression and experience is a Call from the All That Is to know, love and express Itself… And, each of us is this “Self/self”.   Every expression and experience has a corresponding vibrational complex and the thoughtforms, mental constructs, and physical blueprint etherically to birth or manifest it into physical form.

 If it’s here it is birthed from the All That Is –   Life Force Animating Energy – God as a way to know, love, experience and express itself.

This is why the deep healing (reconnecting with all aspects of being in harmony, coherence and integrity) of the New Emerging Consciousness is so important… As this deep healing takes place what is learned and then lived is a love for all of Life’s creations. All of the Life – Soul expressions and experiences will be seen to be sacred and of the highest honor.  As this is more lived then the lower octaves of experience, expression and love will cease to be needed in existence. 
This will have to do nothing with how much money someone has, if they are married, what kind of house or car they have; or if they live in a tree house, hut, mansion, beach cottage or on the streets of Mumbai.  All will be viewed and more importantly felt as Sacred Expressions.

The Path of Awakening, Soul Alignment and the Great Shift herald a time when we live more from out expanded state of Consciousness integrating the collective aspect of us. This begins with and is expressed with the Soul.  A major part of the Shift is a shift to Soul Led Living… Living authentically in love, light, cooperation and collaboration within sacred community.  This type of living sees the beauty in all forms of expression.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing Michelle
As always you give such detailed insightful information.
Recently I have been awaking at 3am.
I am going to keep a journal by my bed and be open to the guidance of my Higher Self as you suggest.
You help so many and I know I am not the only one that appreciates your insight and help.
I am so in gratitude for you and Awakenings Radio.