The Healer Within

Many times the body is an expression of what is going on with us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Many physical and emotional blockages are caused by not being in sync emotionally.

Many times we can not hear, or ignore the messages of our body. The not hearing our internal messages becomes quite easy to do because of stress, external pressures and our busy schedules. Through stress, emotional and physical disturbances we upset the balance of our energy causing physical and emotional blockages. Illness, dis-ease, sleep disorders, stiffness, and just an overall sense of “non -well being” can be symptoms of these blockages.

 The way to release these blockages is through addressing the cellular and energetic memory that holds these blockages in place. Through bio-energy alignment and chakra balancing these blockages release, liberate and integrate creating balance, health and harmony. This releasing and transforming is through a healing technique that directly utilizes the subtle energy of the mind and body, chakras, aura and universal energy. bringing one into peace and harmony. This technique employs, yet goes beyond body-mind therapy. Part of being a good healer is in not judging and knowing if something is a biological/heredity issue.

 Not all of these will manifest physically; however we need to be aware is this a physiological & physical condition inherited? Is this something that the is in the person’s make-up that the healing will be how do they deal with this issue, address it to make it better to live with and integrate into their life? Ex: a person who comes in with one leg shorter that the other, one eye with less visibility, inherited diabetes, thyroid condition, pituitary issue, a lot of excess energy-high strung type. In the case of a high strung individual a healer can help channel & balance the energy and also perhaps give instruction as to how they can channel their own energy, ie: meditation, visualization, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, and other forms of energy balance & release.

 The truth is a person who comes in with a lot of energy and accesses a lot of energy is not going to change…. even in their 60’s and 70’s. These people come in this way. It is how they are expressing spirit’s energy. It is how their divine expression is manifesting this lifetime.

 Healing is balance… The word heal come from the word ‘Ohalen” to make whole. Sometimes we are less judgmental when the affliction is physical and physically apparent; or if it is a “physical or physiological at birth”, or from an accident. Healing is not to “change the individual expression” Sometimes in healing the condition or illness changes form or completely goes away. Sometimes the healing is how to see the divinity in the person & the divine expression & bring this viewpoint and awareness to those you are facilitating the healing.

Sometimes the healing is that the physical body is going to be no more and that the person is going to transition to the other side. Peace, intuition, relaxation and harmony are healing energies that we all have. I invite you to tap into that energy for yourself and others.

 “In every one of us lies a healer. 

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