12-12-12- What To Do?

Take time to reflect on “where” you have been and what you have been focused on in the past.
Then notice “where” you are now and your current focus.  This really becomes apparent when you observe what is in your life now.
What are the situations that keep coming up that are life-enhancing?
What brings more joy, life animating energy and peace to you?
What is the underlying theme right now in your life?
What types of people are in your life?  Are they reflecting your Higher Nature and the Higher Octave of love, light, wisdom and creativity?

Take time today to really observe with love your life path.  Re-visit old goals and dreams and lovingly check in with yourself to see if they still apply. Also, notice are these dreams and goals  still being supported by your circumstances and those around you?
If some of your dreams and goals are not being supported by your circumstances it doesn’t necessarily mean they will not come to fruition. There can be a “delay” to readjust energetically, or a redefining of your goals and dreams may be taking place.  You need to trust also that another way that is more life enhancing and more in alignment with the Universal Trends and your Soul Design is being created for you.

Sacred Ritual for 12-12-12
Take time to reflect on what is moving away from you; or you are moving away from it- be it people, circumstances or other concerns. You can do this today or on upcoming the weekend.
Focus on what is now in your life, coming into your life and what is being revealed to you.
It is true that for every door that closes a new one opens.  The doors and windows that are closing are either re-opening in a new ways; or completely new doors and windows are opening that are more in alignment with a Higher Octave of Soul Expression and Experiences
Light a white votive candle and keep it lit for as long as you can into the day and night to honor the spark of the new possibilities that are emerging in your life at this turning point.
Take time today, even for a few minutes to really honor your life path through appreciation.
This morning during my meditation I really objectively observed my life and noticed what is organically before me- what is before me not structured by my ego or by what should be; or I thought would be in focus.  I really observed with openness and saw what Spirit and my Higher Self have been placing in front of me. I had a thought “Ah (awe) I see what is coming into form now and what I am to do by being receptive and following through.  Some of what is present I realized I had been guided to back in January 2011 during the last major re-direction of energy.
I can share with you that if there is a sense of loss be with that loss and then focus on the awe and mystery that is before you…  Trust that all is working out for the most life enhancement and Radiant Soul Expression.  The Re-Direction that is taking place is to serve the Higher Vibrational Frequency and Expanded Awareness of the New Emerging Consciousness of New Paradigm.
As your energy & vibrational frequency increases you live more synchronistically & magnetize people & situations that are more in alignment to your Soul Blueprint & in attunement to your Spiritual Essence.

I have written more extensively on the meaning of 12-12-12 and the energetic trends and focus it is reflecting here: 12-12-12 The Synthesis

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