12-12-12 The Synthesis

Esoterically, as well as numerically; which is vibrationally the number 12 is a synthesizing number. It is a culmination of energy, energetic matrixes and mental constructs. Numbers represent qualities of energy and therefore the corresponding energetic and vibrational sequences that create the number. It is in a sense what is “behind the number; or comprises the number” that has the power or empowerment. What the number represents is what has the active energy and transformative effect. The number represents the esoteric stage, circumstance and focus. The number or sequence of numbers is a way to tap into the esoteric, alchemical and universal energies. The number 12 represents the 12 cycle, 12th Chakra, 12 sign, the 12th way…

At the energy of 12 a synthesis is taking place… This synthesis has actually started before the numerical representation is seen and continues beyond the actual date or number. It is very similar to aspects in a chart; or the waning and waxing of the moon. The astrological aspects do not start and begin on a certain date, but a little before and after the stationary date. In the same vein the moon begin to wax or wane little by little, not in one action. The sun rises and sets incrementally. As a Psychic Channel, Spiritualist and Esotericist I begin reading the energy of the aspect long before it is readily seen.

 This requires an attuning and aligning to the Subtle Energy. In essence the numerical representation or the actual aspect is a reminder and a focusing point as well. The energies that comprise the energetic matrix of 12-12-12 is a call for the out-picturing and manifestation of Consciousness (The All That Is) in all it’s forms and expression to begin to synthesize. This happens when a new entity – energetic matrix is about to be birthed. This birth will allow many new creations and of a higher, more expanded vibrational complexes. The energy of 12 is a culmination point for the transformational process. The synthesis is a culmination; and therefore a completion. The energy of 13 represents the change, the death and rebirth. At 13 we have a new creation and at a higher octave of consciousness than the previous. 

                                                         The synthesis has to occur in order for the higher octave to be birthed. This alignment began as we entered the time of the 2000’s – from the year 2000 on, the direction and energetic motion shifted. The energetic matrix of 12 brings down to a 1+2 = 3. This is representing the Male Principle connecting with the Feminine Principle to birth a new form; which is 3.

The 1 as the male, father, or electrical principle is infused or encoded in the feminine, female, magnetic principle and these two dualistic forces of nature and the universe birth a child…

 The child is creation… This creation is the creative spark of Spirit and how this spark is used; or what form it is put into occurs on the plane of 4; the form of physicality and manifestation.
The 1 and the 2 create something that is greater than the individual aspects.  This combining is a synthesis.  That which is of greater life-enhancement comes from the Synthesis.

To manifest is to bring into form. The energy of 3 is the urge to create, to self express. The Soul yearns to express and recreate itself through it’s expressions. This is God – The All That Is, the Life Force Animating Energy of the Universes creating and recreating itself at ever expanding octaves and waves of energy expression… the expressions get more and more truthful, transparent, more loving, with more light wisdom and clearer expression. The number 3 represents the Soul in expression. The number 4 is where this expression takes place in experience; ie: the material or earth plane.. The number 4 represents a plane that has a denser physical form. The more connect to the Soul and the more seamless this connection the more radiant one’s Soul Expression and Experience. On a Soul level this higher octave manifests and is expressed as a higher octave of Soul Expression and experience on the various planes of existence. All levels are affected in a way that corresponds to the particular planes expression.

The focus and energies of the 12-12-12 aspect are anchoring in the energies that began to culminate last January 2011. The energetic aspect of 12-12-12- is an expression and culmination of an energetic cycle that began since the tail end of the Piscean era. A cycle is completing and we are to assist in this completion with conscious understanding. 12-12-12 brings down to a 9. Nine is a number of completion and also represents esoteric wisdom and looking below the surface. In the Tarot this energy is represented by the Hermit; as well as each of the 9’s in the Minor Arcana. In the 9’s of the Minor Arcana; as well as on the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah traditon Sphere 9 is a “testing” phase or level. The 9’s are a testing phase and a purifying level. At the phase of “9” past influences are culled through to see/feel which to keep and which to discard. It is at 9 that one decides what to bring into the next level. At Sphere, level 9 or the ninth aspect foundations are tested to see if they are supported of the new energetic matrix and higher octave of Consciousness. Established patterns are checked to see if they are life-enhancing. Visions, Forms, Focuses need to be revisited to see if they are working against the Emerging Trend of the New Emerging Consciousness. On a “human” level this will manifest as what needs to be revisited, kept or released
The subset energy of 12-12-12 is 6.  The vibrational energy of 6 is heartfelt emotion and brings a focus on emotional fulfillment and relationships. In the Kabbalah and Tree of Life it is Sephiroth 6; which is Tiphareth. At the Sixth Sphere we focus on Love, balance and relationships. The relationships with Self/self and others that are of a Higher Octave are those that are based on "Right Relationship"                                  

The sixth Sephiroth  is Love as the Mediating Intelliegence of the World, Universe and  All That Is. Astrologically it is represented by the Sun and esoterically as the Soul.


 It is in aligning with our Soul Design and living from this that we express love of the Divine Essence that is us manifested as the Soul.  It is time to purify the energy in motion and release what is not of the Higher Nature and Higher Octave.

 What needs to be released are the emotional expressions limiting beliefs, energetic blockages and relating patterns that are working against one’s fulfillment and life enhancement. The 9 cycle requires not just a releasing, but a revisiting, reviewing On an energetic level this upleveling and updating is done beyond our ego consciousness. The more aware one is the more one can consciously align to the cycle and focus. To consciously align to this Synthesis Aspect one needs to take time to look at the foundation of your existence and life. Is it supporting the Higher Octave of your Soul Expression? If not, then why not; and how can you change this? This Synthesizing Cycle is asking you to focus on what truly supports your True Pattern and Soul Blueprint. What is of a more inclusive nature and supports the higher octave of expression and experience in your life is what needs to be reinforced. Let go of behaviors, relating patterns, emotional expressions, desires, visions, activities and focuses that do not support and reinforce the higher octave of your Soul Expression.   Synthesis creates Synergy and Synergy promotes Synchronicity.

 Use your memory to understand where you have been and then begin to focus your energy on visions that are of a higher octave of Soul expression; as well as experience. As Souls we are individualized aspects of The All That Is – Life Animating Energy , Universal Energy or God. 

We are meant to experience and express the individualized aspect of The All That Is in form. We are the “formless” into “form” This cycle is guiding you to the true manifestation of your True Self; which is the Soul Self. Purify, release the attachments, imaginings, visions, emotional states, activities, relationships and relating patterns that block expressing your True Self. For some a lot of deep-seated fears, memories as well as deep inner dreams will be coming to the surface. This cycle will dredge from the deep recesses of your psyche so you can witness what needs to be reviewed, revisited, remembered to be reintegrated or released. You are building a new and/or better foundation for the next level of expression and experience.

                                                                                                                                                                       The Soul loves experience and expression. This is what it (you) are here to do. The ‘you’ that is expressing and experiencing is your Soul. How much of your Soul that is allowed to come through depends on your level of consciousness and filtering. This is the beginning of this cycle and therefore a testing time to see what stays and what leaves. You may not be able to do this “all at once”. Your Higher Self will help you.  This cycle will go into 2013 and be emphasized from 2013-2016 collectively.

All you need to do is focus on what is in front of you and do your best to express the higher octave in each situation. The feelings, sensing that originate from your True Soul Pattern will then be able to construct the emotions (energy in motion) thought forms, thoughts, mental constructs and physical conditions that will be in alignment to your Soul Design and the higher octave expression. These will allow your experiences and expressions to reflect the most expanded aspect of your being and reflect more of the truth of how you express. Synergy creates and amplifies energy.                                                        

As your energy and vibrational frequency increases you live more synchronistically and magnetize people and situations that are more in alignment to your Soul Blueprint and in attunement to your Spiritual Essence.                           
 As you live synergistically you will begin to be re-energized as you are now allowing more Life Force Animating Energy and are in greater resonance to your Soul Design and Soul Path.

The time is now to start the synthesis… Follow the lead of your Higher Self by focusing on heart centered interactions and creations that bring more resonance and coherence in your life experience. 


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Amazing Michelle
You have a way of 'synthesizing' the information for maximum insight and healing.
I hope to make your show live at some point. I live in England so I catch your archives on BTR

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