Awakening and Soul Alignment

The Path of Awakening and Soul Alignment is encoded within the very fabric of our being and all Life forms and expressions.  We are in a time of upleveling, updating the systems of thought, expression, belief and behavior in a way that reflects more Life Force Animating Energy and the Truth of Who We Are...

 The  New Paradigm that is being birthed via the present individual and collective shifts is based on Resonance and Synergy.  This is to say a more inclusive experience and expression of Love.  Every expression and experience is either an expression of love or a call; and or need for love.  All out put of energy, experience and expression is based on this principle.  If you really look beneath the Life Experiences you will see that even if an experience or expression is not very conscious  or enlightened it is based on a need for love or a form of love.  If one has had more appreciation, validation, confirmation and connection for their True Nature (Soul Design) there will be less dysfunctional and unconscious behavior  The more you have been able to be your "True You" the less misshapen expressions and experiences of love.   

The shifts of  Awakening usher in a time of using our creations, interests, gifts, self expressions and technologies in ways that beneficial for all concerned. This is our service to share our gifts in ways that uplift, inspire and aspire.  A key component of the Awakening is to live connected to our Higher Self and not the "Constructed Ego" of the "Disowned Self"Contrary to some beliefs we are not "here" for punitive reasons, and we are meant to have an Ego.   You can call this "Ego" Aspect anything you feel comfortable.  We have a energetically stepped down aspect of us that is of denser physical form.  It is the out-picturing or manifested aspect of your Soul.

 We are here to experience and express in the denser light-wavelength expression.  This is the aspect of us that is Consciousness made manifest.  We are meant to experience the emotional aspect of life and being. If we were not in this denser form we would not have a "body".  There are other expressions of our "Selves" that are other dimensional and some of these do have form; however the path of thoughtforms, emotional experiences and physicality is experienced "here".  While we are experiencing "here" we are also always "there"... We are never only "here" and part of the Awakening is an understanding and experience of this multidimensionality. 

This Ego is perhaps better termed the "Personality"  The Personality  is the manifested form of us and reflects our individuality. I am not talking about the "false ego" or the that "thinks it is running the show; or that is caught up in externals.  This is simply a lower harmonic of our Divine Expression... However all comes from the All That Is; otherwise it wouldn't be in manifested form and expression. 

 The Oneness teaches us this, and the good news is since on some level we co-created all of this; we can un-create it and creates something more interesting and life-enhancing.   The minute we are caught up in being for something or against something or someone we move out of the experience of "Oneness"  To a certain degree we are to do this to experience our own individuality. In essence we are experience the Aspect of the All That Is that "we" are.... It is simply a reflection of various shades and expressions of the light...shadow and light; as well as all that is in between. 

As we more fully awaken we not only "see" and "feel" below the surface of things we begin to feel  the unity of all creation. In our unity we find our place, not higher or lower but centered in our being in a way that we experience the truth of the interconnectedness of all life expression.

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