Refresh, Renew, Revision… Re-Envision
There are major, major changes next year in 2013... We are in a cycle that requires observing and “feeling out” what is right for you. The month of November sets us up for the deep contemplative focus and inner work that needs to be done if we want our changes to be from a more conscious level or awareness.

We are being asked, nudged and urged to go deeper and to seek the deeper in all we do. This requires a “slowing” down to allow for a “releasing” and “filling up” that is happening concurrently. I would try to do this next cycle too much from the “rational” mind.      

You have to think, however the thinking that is needed is more of a contemplating. What was “right” in the past may not be “right” for your future. The key is to take time to really tune into your Inner You and Inner Guidance System. Make this a priority. Really take time to stand back and observe who or what keeps showing up in your life. Does who and/or what seem to be life enhancing? Do you feel more life force energy; or do you feel depleted. Or, is this the same old same old and seems to be something safe? Next year, there is will be an intensification in the Soul Alignment, awakening and a further stage of Quickening.                                                                                                                        

We are in the “Rude Awakening” phase; which is a by product of the Converging Flow… Everything and everyone is converging… Tearing down, building up, disrupting, increasing, decreasing, interrupting, destroying and creating. We see this awakening in all sectors, all aspects of life itself and within life itself. We see this in the patterns of relating and all of life. This awakening and intensification and quickening is seen in the weather patterns, financial, stock market patterns, relationship patterns, and within all systems and structures of our life and life forms. Forms are being altered, transformed and changing.   
This is happening because the Formlessness of The Universes is seeking expression, experience and forms that reflect the New Emerging Consciousness and the Energy and Expression that reflects this New Paradigm. I have spoken and written on the Quickening since 2003 when the Guides and Spirit heralded a time of the Quickening and Converging Flow to begin later in 2005. Well, we are there; however though there is a Metaphysical Axiom “Do not dwell too long on the threshold.” We need to be aware so that we are not over “dwelling”, but also that we are not mad rushing about, or making changes to try and alleviate the stress of the unknown; or to get us out of the discomfort of a situation. We have to tune in to know the best energetic rhythm for us.                                                                     
This next cycle we are moving into we do need to take time to contemplate…not “mull” things over and over; but to contemplate, see and feel the aspects of our life and parts of our being. We have to not just contemplate, think about, but feel it out. Though this cycle of deepening and seeking deeper meaningful relationships, situations and activities starts in November it will be carried through the better part of 2013. Whatever is too surface, extraneous, extravagant and basically unnecessary or has been completed on an inner level it will be removed from our lives. Seek situations and people that really nurture your soul. That enliven, invigorate you.                                                                                 

You will know you are on the “right” path, in the “right” direction if what you are moving towards is life enhancing for you and your life. You begin to really know this and live this by following what increases your life force energy, expands your awareness and expression. This raises your vibrational frequency by allow more life force-light-love energy into your life and very beingness.                                             

The new visions that are being envisioned and created will be those that are more life enhancing, expressive, loving and inclusive. This inclusion is not just for other people and their lives, but also for more aspects of our self (Self/self). The Soul is an individuated aspect of the All That Is. The call for resonance, synergy and coherence is necessary on an individual level. It cannot happen collectively if as individual God Cells aren't including the convergent and divergent aspects of ourselves in a way that brings harmonious resonance, expression and experience.                                                                          
As you contemplate your life; as well as where and how you are expressing yourself look and feel out what needs a revision in your life to allow you to re-envision in a way that is more in resonance with your True Nature and Soul Design.

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