11:11 A Vibration Attunement and Reminder

Do you tend to see the number 11:11 throughout the day or week?   Do you feel a subtle energetic shift in your body when you see 11:11?
The numbers 11-11 act as a signal, a Vibration attunement and a tool for alignment. These numbers are a reminder energetically and mentally of our interconnectedness.   11:11 brings us into attunement with the resonant fields and is a reminding and triggering, of our interconnectedness and the web of humanity that we are a part.

It is the energetic frequency of the numbers that signal the experiences; for some they trigger the experiences. The experiences are already present; however many times we are not aware of the synchronicities and signals we are receiving to guide us to that which more fully expresses our Soul Design.

We are in a world comprised of many signals on varying wavelengths. Our "job" is to decipher which are life enhancing and reflecting our Soul Design and Soul Path and which careen us off course. Sometimes there is too much interference, to much "white noise", static, and too many EMFs. We come equipped with a bit of GPS, Sonar and an encoding of devices that wake us up and steer us back on track.

We live in a world and universe that can be reflected in numbers- mathematical representations and configurations that reveal and map our our cycles and experiences.

These equations and configurations represent what is happening energetically. It is another way to read the map of life, the planet, the universe and the cycles within the unfolding of life.

The numbers don't create our experiences they are simply a tool to track and understand them.    They help us tune into what isn't readily seen, but many times is felt.  

This attuning and aligning is encoded within our DNA and Energetic Matrix. This attuning and alignment that occurs aligns you to move into Divine Right Timing. As you have more synchronistic experiences you begin to live more from Right Timing and less from time. Right Timing or Divine Right Timing is not only based on a concept of sequential time, but on an interweaving of events and circumstances that make up timing. 
In the world of timing you can leap ahead or move in all together different directions. “Psychic time” or Synchronistic Timing is based on the Soul’s unfolding and direction of the Higher Self. Linear Time is based on the little self and the surface mind. 

We live in a world with both concepts; however as we shift we move more into the experience of Right Timing and being led by synchronistic experiences or timing. We begin to live by the meaningful experiences, connections and to trust the signs we receive that validate our choices and direction.

11-11 is a visual and energetic attunement and alignment to usher in and reinforce this type of living.
It is just like seeing a calm lake or looking out over the beach to the horizon brings a peace, calm and connectedness. It is too with these numbers and what they represent.
 11 numerically breaks down to a 3, and so expresses our oneness in all creative self-expression. We are asked to do our creative and self- expressive acts in alignment with the All That Is and in a way that is honoring of everyone. It is about expressing this oneness and seeing it expressed in all one sees, does and experiences.

11-11 breaks down to a 4 and so it symbolizes a grounding of the feeling and experience of oneness or interconnectedness in are actions, thoughts and experience.  It is a time of anchoring and grounding these transcendent and transpersonal energies.  This process has been going on for years; however with the advent of digital technology this particular numerical sign was able to be used.
 Many people after seeing 11-11 more consistently begin having “synchronistic” experiences This is because one begins to become aligned to one’s “signature frequency” This is like your signature or thumbprint. It is essentially you.
Due to enculturation, socialization, peer and family pressure we tend to get out of sync with ourselves. We literally become out of touch with our true needs, wants and Soul Path.  111, 11-11 are reminders and realigning tools

111, 11-11- are  visual/vibrational attunements, alignments and reminders.  (as everything is energy, wavelength and vibration) They are an acknowledgment of our interconnectedness and oneness. We can be reminded of our other dimensional aspects of being and that we are part of a type of wholeness that is in constant expression. Everything and everyone is consciousness made manifest and is sacred. It is a great time to come to together in community and commune.

11-11 is a vibrational attunement and alignment that decodes the process of  the series of Awakening and Soul Alignment.   The  New Paradigm that is being birthed via the present individual and collective shifts is based on Resonance and Synergy.  This is to say a more inclusive experience and expression of Love.  Every expression and experience is either an expression of love or a call; and or need for love.  All out put of energy, experience and expression is based on this principle.  If you really look beneath the Life Experiences you will see that even if an experience or expression is not very conscious  or enlightened it is based on a need for love or a form of love.  If one has had more appreciation, validation, confirmation and connection for their True Nature (Soul Design) there will be less dysfunctional and unconscious behavior  The more you have been able to be your "True You" the less misshapen expressions and experiences of love.  
The shifts of  Awakening ushers in a time of using our creations, interests, gifts, self expressions and technologies in ways that beneficial for all concerned. This is our service to share our gifts in ways that uplift, inspire and aspire.  A key component of the Awakening is to live connected to our Higher Self and not the "Constructed Ego" of the "Disowned Self"Contrary to some beliefs we are not "here" for punitive reasons, and we are meant to have an Ego. 
This Ego is perhaps better termed the "Personality"  The Personality/Ego is the manifested form of us and reflects our individuality. I am not talking about the "false ego" or the that "thinks it is running the show; or that is caught up in externals.  This is simply a lower harmonic of our Divine Expression... However all comes from the All That Is; otherwise it wouldn't be in manifested form and expression.  The Oneness teaches us this, and the good news is since on some level we co-created all of this; we can un-create it and creates something more interesting and life enhancing.
11-11 is a reminder that we are here to care and share. 11:11 attunes us to our Soul Design and the aspect of Individuated Consciousness of the All That Is and how we fit in with the collective of humanity.  11:11 is a separating out to come together in synergy.  At 11:11 (11th Chakra) we are reminded we our individuated aspects that have separated out to individually shine and come together with each other. 

The Chakras, the Tree of Life, musical notes, I Ching, Alchemy, Runes, Astrology, Tarot and the properties of numbers are all intertwined.  They reflect messages and aspects of the woof and warp of the Universe; as well as the under lying  principles.  This esoteric information and knowledge can be deciphered, decoded and brought into one's awareness for use on this dimension.                                             In the same way that an astrological chart reveals the energy, probable path, cycles and emphasis for a person numbers  and signs can show us what is on the horizon or underneath the soil.
12:12 is a subsuming of us back into the All That Is. It is the synthesis. It is from this synthesis that a new design, energetic matrix and template for expression; as well as experience is created.  We cannot fully have the new forms from the present Awakening until we realize, love and celebrate the Diving Blessing and uniqueness that we each are. 
 This is not a linear process but an evolutionary transition and transformation. It is circular or spiral in motion in a way that brings us all and all of creation into more and more states of full Radiant Expression.  This Expression vibrates to Love.  
 The more expanded the less polarized and the more harmonized. It is ultimately our True Nature.  The Awakening calls forth for us to live in union and love and to express; as well as experience life from this aspect of being.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Michelle!
Love your blog posts. They are so helpful.
I know you were in a car accident. I hope you are on the road to recovery.
I listen to your archives on BTR. One day I hope to catch Awakenings live and get a reading.
Peace and Blessings