Resistance - Chains that Bind...

The chains you wear may be of your own making... Very often we can see what is beyond the fence, beyond the chains. We often "dream" of what will happen when we release the chains that bind.

Resistance closes us off to the possibles. Our resistance to what is blocks us from what is unfolding for us.

What is occurring in the present is a necessary step to the new that is coming in. Ask yourself: What am I feeling? How can I embrace and more fully feel what I am feeling?
 Where are these feelings leading me?
 Then take a really big breath and as you exhale envision and feel the space. The feelings I am referencing are not "feelings" of happy or sad; or I don't want to do this; or like this.  The feelings I am expressing to do are the feelings that are of a sensing nature.
The space I speak of is the psychic space that gives you a distance and awareness to actually see and  read the signs that allow you to know how to respond to what is unfolding for you and being presented to you.

Beginning a dialogue with yourself moves you out of the constraints of the "constructed ego" and to open up and allow alignment with your Higher Self and Soul.

During this time of the great awakening we are being asked to answer a  Soul Call that is very deep and far reaching.  This call is deeper, unknown and yet on some level very familiar.    The "constructed ego" doesn't know how to interpret or process the new information and guidance that is coming in from the Higher Self and Universal Flow.

The new information that  is coming in is beyond the "constructed ego's" formatting.  However we can "train" the ego/personality of the lower self to begin to read and trust the signs, messages, and energetic nudges from the Higher Self.  We can create an entrainment that brings a pliability, flexibility and a willingness to align and allow what is unfolding for us on our path.

The way to release the chains is to follow the resonance.

How to know if you are on the right track or path - Resonance

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