Letting Go & Filling Up

Where are you giving to much and coming up short?

Where are you not filling up enough?…. Getting fulfilled?

We are taught in the western conventional cultures to go "all out"… Everything has to be "all out"
We are taught to "load up" just in case…. And many times the "just in case" never comes……

Where can you cut back on your time, your energy, your money (energy) and emotions?

Where are you over doing and need to move into being and reflecting.

Allow more space in between your doing and more space in between your thinking.

The deep inner knowing and inner change that brings outer change happens in the spaces.

The New Paradigm is requiring that all that is in excess or extraneous be pared down…  You will know what to pare down and what to enhance by following that which enlivens you more and that which is in front of you.  Follow the openings while you keep in mind your vision, let the steps unfold by stepping towards what is in front of you and not behind you.

Your Higher Self knows your dreams, wants and desires. Your Higher Self also knows how to utilize existing circumstances and trends to get you to your ultimate goal or dream.

By parring down you make room for the shifts to occur, insights to be brought to your cognitive awareness and the space to draw in the new.

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