Abundance comes in many forms. One very important form of abundance is in our relationships – our tribe-our Soul Tribe; or various groups we find ourselves a part. Abundance also takes on the shape and form that we need most; whether we are conscious of this on an ego level or not. As we grow, change and transform what we experience also transforms; or changes form to be more life-enhancing. Some meanings of the word transform are: to bring into another form, to change structure or appearance, to convert, to change the nature; or adapt the nature or form. As we shift what is being called into “form” is becoming more and more ideal, abundant and prosperous on all levels. As we shift another form is trying to come into being… Trying meaning to “bring effort to bring about”. When we try we put the effort forth. It does not mean to half – heartedly do “something.” It does mean to do the best you can in any given moment. One way we try is by being consistent in showing up in our life and following through on the Inner Guidance we receive from our Higher or Wisdom Self. “Trying” is simply being available, showing up, being consistent and following through. If we don’t follow through the new form or forms cannot anchor in existence. We have to show up and be available.

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