Release the Struggle

Release the struggle and move into persistent effort.

On the earth plane we are to experience the idea of time, space and gradual or systematic growth with intermittent leaps of awareness, evolution and growth.

We were never meant to struggle...

Struggle means we are pushing beyond where we are meant to be in the moment.

Part of this struggle is to get free and connect back into Source be free as spirit.  There is this Urge to meld back into the Oneness.

The remedy is to remember you are Spirit... You are Spirit in  Form... This form is still comprised of Spiritual Energy.

Reconnect to the idea and feeling of your Oneness and then you shall feel the freedom that is inherent in your Divine Life Path.


JaqStone said...

I love the simple truth of this post, Michele. "We were never meant to struggle." Absolutely! We are designed to flow with life as life flows through us, all in harmony. The more we drop the false beliefs about ourselves and remember who we are, the more we realize that natural harmony.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

just so well put Jacqueline :-) i believe as we connect with our Soul Design we then can as you say: "flow with life as life flows through us".
much peace & big hug