Spiritual Discernment

Adjust your attitude and behavior to your circumstances.

Look - notice – observe what is "right" to do in this moment, situation, relationship, this time, this stage, this focus or circumstance.

Spiritual Discernment is seeing what is really "there"… What is really going  on?
                                                                                     What the emotional; or for that matter the state of mind or emotional state of a person – Including ourselves. What is the truth of the situation?                                                                                                                                                                         

You will see more and see below the surface when you move out of  Project and move into Perception .

Are we tired? Do we need downtime? Is it time to be more social? Do we need to adjust our food; or food intake? Are we needing more stimuli? Are we emotionally available?
Is the person we are with needing downtime or alone time? Is someone in our life stressed? Is the person we are with or want to be with emotionally available?
Is it time for us or another to focus more on individual needs?

When we begin to really see we see not just what we hope, what we want, what the other person/people hope or want; or where "they" say they are…… We see what is there and adjust accordingly.

We have many types of relationships and sometimes we feel a deep pull or connection with someone. However, not all deep relationships "last forever"; or are meant to be romantic.  We can connect with a Soul Mate, that will not be a life mate or life partner.   We can connect with someone that on the emotional level is not aligned to our values, principles and beliefs and therefore the relationship will stay at a certain level.  There is nothing "wrong" or it isn't "bad" if something doesn't last as long as we thought or hoped.  There is nothing "wrong" with ourselves or the other person if  a relationship doesn't become "romantic",  stay romantic; or materialize in the way we thought.

You will come to know that the "who" that is doing the "thinking" is the ego-mind; and that's not bad, it is just that this aspect of you doesn't have all the facts and tends to project instead of perceive.

The more you are aware of your projections and the more you move into perception the more you will allow life circumstances and the relationships within them to unfold.  You will watch the magic of what is being weaved and come to see where and how you truly fit into the fabric of the situation.

The more aware you are the more you will be able to adjust and the more you will be called upon to adjust by life's circumstances……… This enacts your Wisdom Nature.

Remember bamboo is strong and doesn't break because it can bend


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