Soul Mate or Life Mate?

Soul Mate or Life Mate….


Many people ask me what should I be looking for in relationship? Should I wait for my “Soul Mate”? Others tell me they are “Waiting for their soul mate.”
The truth is we have many Soul Mates. We incarnate in groups of similar wavelength, vibration, tone, particle, energy pattern and form. This is why connecting with our Harmony Group or Soul Tribe is so important.

We each are radars, sonar’s, reflectors and broadcasters for each other. Many of our Soul Mates we may only be aware of etherically, astrally or in passing. Some of our Soul Mates we come to do great work “in person” so to speak and others on other planes & dimensions of existence. It is possible to connect with these other dimensional aspects of ourselves via the astral or other planes of existence. Many people, including myself have recall and understanding of this. This is what many Déjà vu’s are, in fact.

When you are talking about a life partner; or someone you want to share your life with here on this earth plane it is best to ask for, focus on and intend a life partner that is a soul mate.
A very big difference here… In asking for a Soul Mate you may get one that reflects the un-integrated aspects of yourself and what you need to work through and learn from emotionally.
In fact this is what many people draw in to their life experience. These are called “Learning Lesson Relationships”. While one is working out the unexpressed, unacknowledged, unknown (shadow) aspects of oneself they will continue to draw in that which complements. Until the complements is integrated within it will manifest as the “opposite”.

In the past I had a wonderful client who always attracted very dynamic, artistic and yet in her mind “uncaring” men. She wanted to be with the rock star. musician or the A list actor and she did attract these types of relationship partners. However, she also wanted the day to day consistent schedule and someone to be home by 7 pm, always keep their word no matter what.
At one time I explained to her you can’t expect a person in these fields to always ‘be on time’ So, much of what they do is not on their time.” It isn’t like a 9-5 banker, 6-1 pm stockbroker, or a 8-3 teacher. When a musician is in the studio they may run over. The actor on the set can be held over to get that last shot and make up time; or can be called away on location. There can be so many more variables with these types of lifestyles and career choices.
She wound up in many “Learning Lesson Relationships”. The relationships were always about communication and not trying to change the other. Ultimately in these types of “learning lesson” relationships the lesson is about self- love and self-acceptance.

When we truly love and accept ourselves it is much easier; and in fact, automatic that we love & accept others “how” they truly are much more easily. There is less focus on changing others and we tend to attract those that are more aligned to our true nature and authentic self; which corresponds to our Goals, Principles and Beliefs.

When we really know ourselves and live in integrity and harmony of our Soul we attract more of what is in resonance with our true nature and Soul’s path. There is a point on our path when we have recouped much of our projections and are living more by perception. In this state of awareness we enact “Spiritual Discernment”. We begin to see ourselves more clearly. We see others not as we hope they are, want them to be or think they are; or, even more importantly we see others not as others hope to be, want to be, or say they are… We begin to really see. We see in a way that is not judgment, but in a way that we are able to judge what is life-enhancing for us and truly fits in to our path of unfoldment.

In this way we can have the type of relationship with others that is authentic to what is actually able and organically unfolding. This is very empowering and actually opens up to more relationships and deeper meaningful connections. This occurs because we are not “trying” to make a relationship something it is not. We are not trying to mold or control a relationship due to our unmet or misunderstood needs and wants.

Until we integrate the shadow… The life-enhancing; or as some would say “positive” shadow and the “negative” shadow we will always search for the “other” to complete us and answer our own living question. The shadow is part of the light. From the shadow the light is reflected. Both aspects are needed and are one and the same. This "shadow" is what seems to be the "opposite" of us. It is also unrealized, unacknowledged or not understood potential.

The young girl that swoons over the “rock star” projects the freedom, sexiness, strength and confidence to name a few traits onto this larger than life guy. This young girl needs to see and feel that she is a rock star in her own life and to integrate this into her everyday life.

The young guy that looks to the “caring intuitive- artist girl” as the one to  "handle" and take care of the emotional and "caring" needs in the relationship needs to see and feel that he has this feminine aspect within himself and integrate this part of into his everyday living.

These archetypal shadows play out over time via story telling, myths, fables, books, music, music videos, film, pop culture, religion, and even in “self help philosophies”. These projections don’t stop at a certain age or stage. The play out in a deep effort for the ego-personality to integrate the fullness of the Soul Expressed Being.
A key part of moving out of the projection is to not label one good and the other bad but to find healthy and life-enhancing ways of integrating what the Soul is calling to be expressed and lived out.

This is where one stays until the integration is complete and the old astral/emotional patterns are cleared, the energy re-qualified,  integrated  and the true nature and soul embraced.  This is the Divine Marriage or Conjunctio in Alchemy.   The Conjunctio or Divine Marriage is the True Union.  This is said to be the Holy Grail and all else comes from this.  This is the basis for abundant living.  The realization that all you have- need is within and that you are open to experiencing and expressing this without as well as  with what seems to be the other.

Our emotional body corresponds to the Astral Plane. If we have a pattern astrally and in thoughtform these go onto create the physical forms and experiences that we live out. This all, however begins in vibration. It all emanates from the complex of frequencies that we are - the tone, pattern of frequencies and the form that is created from the complex of vibration/s that are expressing and/or disrupted in expression. If the tone/-frequencies are there it gets manifested. If the tone/s-frequencies are missing it does not.

The Original Matrix of Who-What we are and how we express this totality has all that we need inherent within it. This is the I Am That I Am expressing individualized as us….
What blocks this full radiant expression are the traumas we experience and don’t’ release; as well as the conditioned response patterns and subconscious patterning that we take on. The beauty is we create it, so we can un-create it

It is possible and definitely the next wave of experience to move from “learning lesson” relationships to relationships based on sharing, caring, as well as mutually creative expression with a Spiritual and Soul integrated based Love. This more easily happens when we open to a Soul Mate that is a Life Mate to experience and express with and not a Soul Mate that is to answer all our own unmet needs.
The life mate that is a Soul mate will reflect what is most in alignment on a Soul level for you. In fact if you are balanced in your life experience of projection and perception and living from resonance you will automatically attract a life mate that is a Soul mate. In fact you will be experiencing relationships that are the closet to your Signature Frequency and Love Expression.

You will find yourself around more like-minded individuals and those that are not as like-minded won’t bother you as much because you will see and feel the God Essence- Soul Essence that they are expressing as and will be able to appreciate this expression.

When you are living in resonance you will magnetically draw into your experience that which is most aligned to the truth of who and how you are and what is most life enhancing for you and your path.
The more you live in resonance the more this automatically and consistently happens. You begin to feel in the flow of your life and you begin to experience this flow as the flow of all life. In this flow this is where you draw in what is most loving for you as you are now living in a less diluted experience and expression of love. The relationships that are the offspring of this love are more fully expressed and fulfilling.


Rachel Archelaus said...

Wow Michele! It is always evident that you hold vast knowledge linking the ancient with the present, with all of it related to source, but this article is a masterpiece :) There is SO much info here! I've had both in my life and the difference is amazing. It's partner-centered or self-centered. I love the term "divine marriage" as I just gave myself a new name -a name for ME so I could release my married name and my childhood name. It feels like I've married myself. Anyway, thank you for such a wonderful article!

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Rachel :-)
thank you soooo very much :)
I have been working on this one for awhile.. so i really appreciate the feedback & appreciation. I have sooo much to write... i have quite a few posts started & it is going back to them, rounding out & finishing.
I love that you just gave yourself a "new name" & that you say you married yourself
This is the Divine Marriage or Divine Conjuctio (Alchemy) We all need to do this before we can "marry" the other
It brings me joy that my offering of this blog/insights/understanding is well appreciated and considered valuable. i definitely love sharing/writing.
have a wonderful - bliss filled weekend... and congratulations on your "marriage" :) <3