Navigate Your Greatest Soul Shift

We are living in very transformative times and empowering times. We are in the time of Soul Alignment – the Great Awakening and Universal Shift.

Yes, there are “doomsayers” and those that are focused in fear. If one only “knows” how to view events by the surface times could be viewed in despair.  Those that know that God, the All That Is, the Great Spirit is weaving a life of ultimate enhancement there is cause to celebrate the changes and shifts.  We are co-creators in this Great Mystery Unfolding.  We are the cause & effect and therefore the circle is complete.  When we live from this completeness we allow our Soul Design to be lived and expressed.  We are in an quantum leap; which reflects the great “Soul Alignment”. This is moving us, individually and collectively, societies away from predominant ego expressions into Soul Expressions.

I so appreciate each of you and your Divine Soul Path unfolding. It is a blessing & gift we have met on this Divine Life Path via this blog, Awakenings or in working together.

In this light I really want to share with you my course with DailyOM :                                                          2012: Navigate Your Greatest Soul Shift
The times we are living in will never come around again. We are more prominently stepping into our Co-Creatorship, acknowledgment  and living of our Soul Gifts & Divine Unfolding. 

I also wanted to share with you also some of the Life Enhancement Programs, Conscious Creation and Soul Path Programs & Readings that I have been facilitating. 
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Anonymous said...

Love this Michelle.
I found you somehow on the web via your Awakenings Radio show.
I feel so blessed to have found you. Your wisdom is amazing and your knowledge of the the Shift is very empowering. I am so glad you are not doom and gloom!! So many are these days because of 2012.
Also, I am taking your Daily Om online course and it is great!
Thank you for this reminder
I am also going to do your Tele Soul Group soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the reminder and suggestion of your course.
I know for me I can use all the support I can get.
My husband and I both listen to you on Awakenings.
We found you through Cosmic Dimensions and a friend of ours in Australia listens to you on Itunes.
Be well and as you say "Keep shining your light"
So many people need your insight now.

Also, if you could cover more on intuition development that would be helpful I think to so many.

Love and Blessings