Feeling & Inner Knowing

There is a new language that is being downloaded and constructed on this dimension.  At the foundation of this language is Resonance…. Tone, sound, frequency, vibration… It is the language that is in between, underneath and encoded within our words and the very fabric of our being.  Decoding this language is done via the subtle energy and the subconscious, assumed unconscious knowing… This knowing is beyond the reasoning mind and yet is integrated through this access point.

Intuition… To in tuit  is key… To look within, from, in, to query -to see via sensing is crucial on this part of our cosmological evolutionary path. 

Look for ways to more feel the messages that you are receiving from within.

In feeling the messages and signs you are receiving you will know if it is ego-based or from  the Inner Guidance from your Higher Self.
If the guidance and direction is the most life-enhancing, fulfilling and of a higher perspective there will be a quiet calm in the decision.  Decisions that are made when one is fanatically "for or against" something are ego-based at best.

The New Emerging Consciousness of the New Paradigm is ushering in a time of alignment in all our subtle bodies and modes of expression.  The more alignment the more flow and the more flow the more fulfillment and love that is experienced.

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