What Is Hidden Beckons to Be Revealed

Your True Nature beckons to be revealed.

Where is the "Shadow and Light" in your own life right now?   

The shadow is what needs to be brought into conscious awareness and expressed in the psyche and life expression in life enhancing ways.
For some people the shadow maybe what is being expressed, however the person is not aware it is being expressed.

A person may need more downtime and finding themselves getting sick quite a bit.
This is a way of getting the downtime; however a way that the person is not conscious integrating this need.
Another example is a person who is taking too much downtime and isolating and finding themselves with last minute family or friends dropping by to see them; or mounting family obligations.

Does this mean that they need to cut off or cut back further?  No, it simply means they need to consciously integrate this true need for the psyche to connect with family and friends.

The message of the Shadow is to bring about more light (awareness and love) from the dark (potential and unknown) into consciousness and conscious form.

Some questions to contemplate are:
How is my relationship with my Higher Self?
Am I consistently accessing and using the Wisdom or Higher Self?
Are there true needs I have that I am not meeting?
Are the people in my life truly supportive?
Are the relationships in my life truthful, life enhancing?
Can I be honest with those closest to me?
Am I depending on others too much for my emotional, financial, spiritual, physical, mental or material well- being?
Is it time to re-negotiate my true needs with someone; or some people?
Am I receiving enough input and consideration from those I am in relationship?
Am I plowing through my life?
Are certain ways of relating and relationship holding me back from my next level of unfoldment?

In taking the time to answer these questions; as well as your own version of them you will begin to see what true needs are coming up for you and what you need to integrate for the next level of consciousness in your relationships.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks!! This helped me clarify some things for me this week. I am making some major decisions and do want to act from an unconscious place or out of fear.