Through transforming oneself one transforms the world

Much has been revealed about the human nature and the nature of relationship. Relationship has been and will continue to be the focus not only this month, but for the whole of the Shift for the New Paradigm.
This has impacted relationships of all types. This impact has been felt in personal to business relating; to recognizing our connectedness to those we meet in casual encounters during errands, groceryshopping, the farmer’s market and other day to day activities.
As Lighworkers, Starseeds, teachers, healers and those that want to live more aware the call is to not only recognize our interconnectedness to everyone and everything, but to live from this awareness.
Relationships will continue to be highlighted; and this highlight will intensify astrologically  when Libra moves into Scorpio  October 6th of this year.  I am writing of the influence energetically of this Scorpio energy due to the aspects of the square of pluto in capricorn to uranus in aries and the opposition of  saturn in libra.  I am one that believes as we ascend, and expand into more of the subtle energy we feel these energetic shifts even if experienced at a wider orb.
Astrology is simply "one" of the ways to read the energy patterns.  Similar to numerology each sign and planet hold a vibration; and each aspect a complex of notes or vibrations.  Each house coupled with the energy of the aspect influences how the vibration is manifested and expressed within the being and in their life and world.
It is not so much that we are "affected" by the planets it is that we are aspects of the planets and the planets are aspect of our expanded nature.   Contemplating this will bring a depth of understanding and interconnectedness that is beyond words and moves one into the realm of the Subtle Energy and the fields and dimensions that are reflected through this vibrational energy.
The energy of the sign of  Scorpio as a sign not only wants to get below the surface but also to look for meaning in life and relating.  Scorpio is not a sign of surface connecting.  The energy of Scorpio moves us from a focus of our hurts, or wounding to healing and transforming.

Begin to more fully understand your "Moon" and "Pluto" nature.  Observe, feel, intuitive, contemplate and understand this within yourself and others.
Time to change the form and focus.  Scorpio on a Soul level says look deep, clean house… astral, emotional and etheric. See what is there.  What needs completing, and; or transforming?  To change form metaphysically, alchemically, esoterically is to use the same energy, but to alter or adapt it; to transmute it.  Relationships must transform if they are to last.  The must grow, shift and be relevant to the times and to one’s path. 
When the energy of Scorpio moves away from isolating or being secretive for “secretive” sense or controlling or manipulating in power plays the Scorpio nature in all of us is revealed.  To see below the surface, align with the trans- forming energies to allow a deeper greater energy from Spirit, The All That Is, Source Energies, God reveal what is to be healed and then ultimately transformed.

More of what has been hidden will begin to be  more revealed. Watch for the signs and attune to your moon nature.
Scorpio runs deep and calls for depth in all that is experienced.  Seek meaning in all you do and be open to meaningful relationships and experiences. Now, is not a time to focus on the fluff. Get to the bottom of what troubles you, ails you, excites you, inspires you and go in this direction.    Attuning to the vibrational nature of the Subtle Energy is key at this time.
Some questions to ask at this time are: “Are you skimping on yourself and if so where?” “Are you skimping in your relationships?”  Take time to contemplate this.  Where are you just passing time; or waiting for something better?”  Where are you not appreciating the abundance you do have and experience?
Abundance comes in many forms. One very important form of abundance is in our relationships – our tribe-our Soul Tribe; or various groups we find ourselves a part.
Some meanings of transform are:  to bring into another form, to change structure or appearance, to convert, to change the nature; or adapt the nature or form.
Another form is trying to come into being… Trying meaning to “bring effort to bring about”. When we try we put the effort forth. It does not mean to half – heartedly do “something.” It does mean to do the best you can in any given moment.
I know the idea of “trying” has gotten a bad rap; however if you look at the actual meaning in the dictionary and the derivation you will realize that the disparaging comments about “people who try” don’t succeed are just inaccurate and also judgmental.
Try this month--- meaning put forth conscious effort to change the forms that are no longer serving you, healthy or fulfilling. If these ways of relating and being in the world were once fulfilling and in balance that’s great. If they are now not, that’s not so great.
What is great is that you do have the power to transform your world.
 I align my personal will to Divine Will in effort to transform my world in ways that are now more supportive of my Higher Nature.  
My personal transformation, transforms the worlds within and without.

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