Call to Action

As a collective we are being called into action.  As starseeds, wayshowers and lightworkers we are feeling and hearing the call that calls us into action.

This call to action and movement the ego interprets as I have to move… I have to do something. It is pressed to action to alleviate boredom, fear or to escape karmic obligations.
I have been there, early on my path.  This is not a "Call to Action", but a diversion.  The Call to Action will have you focus on what is before you.

I have seen that action that is not prompted by spirit and spirit led leads to more hassle at best; and at worst can seriously derail one on their path.
You see it isn’t just about ‘us’ personally. 

We are all in this great transition together.  We are all part of the "Converging Flow".
We all fit together as puzzle pieces fit together to create a picture.  Each of us is needed and necessary to the unfoldment of the Divine plan. 
We have been given tasks to do; people to assist and a sphere of influence to serve through our gifts, talents, compassion and sharing.

A call to action, needs to be “Right Action” … Action for the sake of action is not life enhancing and is not aiding one’s spiritual integration, soul expression and personality growth.

There can be "action" that is a going within.  There can be "action" in "non-action"
Clearly right now action for action sake is not beneficial and actually the Higher Self will block this type of movement.

Many of you may feel blocked; or get the distinct idea, impression or feeling that a deeper part of you isn't "letting something happen".  You may feel some confusion as to which exact direction to go. Right now it can be hard to pinpoint exact actions on the material plane.  That which is exacting has to be worked out spiritually, astrally and etherically.  

The new ways, roads and means are being formulated.  Better exacting plans are being created.  The Exacting Intelligence of the Universe is orchestrating a way that is more in alignment and resonance with your Soul Design and path unfolding.

All you need to do is to respond to what is before you and if there are issues in doing this seek the support of those people, groups, Spiritual Tools and inner processes that can assist you.  Support comes in many forms and ways. One must ask and then be open to the form of the support your Higher Self sends to you.   

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