All is Spiritual...Of Spirit

Our ego is spiritual. Yes, I did write this.  We can't have it both ways, everything can not be of Oneness and of Spirit, that Vibrational Substance and the out picturing of the All That Is- Creation itself in it's myriads of forms and not part of this "Oneness".  If everything is of Spirit, is of God then the belief that some things or people are and some are not.  If there is ultimately "One" then all stems from this, is of this and comes from "This".  To say that something is not from the All That Is, God, Universe or the Oneness creates separation and a falsity.   It can't be everything is from Spirit, except the ego... Imagine the power this would give the concept of "ego"....  There is no greater than the One; and each of the many that make up the One.     

There are different wavelengths, octaves, notes, harmonies, tones, vibrations, manifestations of the All That Is...  There are many versions, renditions, takes, some misshapen and some perfectly whole and some in a process of the two.  This is where the Polarity Plane comes into play.... There are varying vibrational frequencies and expressions of these frequencies; and yet all from the same substance and of the same substance. 

Everything and everyone has two poles and in reconciling these expressions of the poles we connect in the center of Oneness.  In the Eastern tradition of Hinduism this is called Samathi.   The ultimate Samathi is Samadhi -- when death occurs; the denser physical body separates,  there is an ultimate centering or connecting in this Oneness.   Remember there are layers and levels to every manifestation of form.  There are varying degrees within and that comprise the polarities and how they interact; as well as express.

All is spiritual - of Spirit.   However, the constructed ego has many filters from its upbringing, socialization and experience.  It has conditioned responses from trauma, wounding and patterns it was either taught or developed to cope.  The ego, until fused with the soul is operating at a very stepped down energetic vibration.   This fusing releases the constraints and programming or entrainment of the constructed or false ego and aligns one to the Soul and Soul Design.  This Soul Design is reflected and manifested (made visible and made into form) via our personality.  That individuated aspect of the All That Is - God  that we all are.

So, what does this mean?  It means you have to get beyond the constructed ego to Source Energy to connect in to know what you really need to do or not do.  Many times  you will find that right action is non-action.  It is an action of not trying to change the other person or external circumstances. It is an action that is Metaphysical and Spiritual in nature. It is an action that beckons you to the Source and the Higher Aspect of Self that taps into and is this Source.  Let this aspect do the action and you respond to what is created by this esoteric movement and play of consciousness. 

In the New Emerging Consciousness the urge is to create from the Higher Self, directed from Source Energy and from the Template of the Soul.  We have always had this choice as we are creator beings.  We can create from the Higher Self/Soul Self or the constructed ego.      

The choice is becoming clearer and clearer.  The more you follow the resonance and do that which is before you, the clearer your path will be and the easier it will be to do what is challenging and uncomfortable for the ego.  This is part of the path of Soul Alignment.  This is the Higher Order of Divine Manifestation.  This is what brings manifestations that are not only in consideration of the personality, but also in alignment and attunement with the Universal Healing Plan.


Rachel Andrews said...

This is truly excellent. Thank you for putting it so clearly :) I was thinking about this yesterday. There is only struggle when we choose to wrestle with our ego instead of surrender to our divine energy. And as you said, it gets easier with time. Yay! haha

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Rachel :)
thanx so much for your feedback. :) such a synchronicity that you were thinking about this yesterday.
i love how you put it... "surrender to our divine energy"
in light
Michele :) <3

Divine Mystic said...

Excellent explanation for us to see the connection to all is spiritual...<3

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Divine Mystic, always great to hear from you & connect with you :)
Yes, this seems to be a more & more resounding message from Spirit :)