Your Story

Everyone has a story..

Don't be overly attached to your story.

Is your story enhancing your life or getting in the way of your life?

Our story is the context in which the Soul expresses. It is not the Soul Expression, nor does it represent the Soul.

When you are driving along the beach or coast and the fog sets in are your the fog or responsible for the fog?
No... In this same way you are not always responsible for your experiences.
Are you responsible for the sun on a sunny day?  Are you responsible for "perfect beach weather"?
Are you responsible for perfect skiing weather?.... Of course not.. It is simple when you put it this way.

You are responsible for how you experience your experiences.

Take time to contemplate how you can allow your "story" to enrich your life experience.

You may have deep inner riches waiting to be mined and expressed.  All it takes is know you are "not your story"... You are not your experience. Your story and experience can enrich you and give your more understanding and compassion.

Now, how you choose to use this, express this, share this is up to you.



Anonymous said...

Love this!!! Thank you Michelle

Love & Peace


Meryem said...

I enjoyed your post. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Meryem, thank u so much. thank you for your appreciation. :) if u have anything you would like to share; or any questions, topics you wanted covered just let me know here in a comment or email me at:
blessings in light & radiant expression
michele :)