Venus Retrograde & Transiting Venus- a Soul Perspective

 Since last January 2011 there has been an overall arching energy pattern of reevaluation, reorganizing,  This energetic pattern ushered in a time of reflection, contemplation and "feeling things out". 
The best use of this energetic pattern has been and is to take the time to reflect, slow down, look within, look around at one's life and environment.  It has not been a time to make major decisions.  That will come October-November of this year.  Many people were feeling pressed to act - to change careers, jobs or move.  Those that did not and waited out this energetic cycle are having some amazing breakthroughs and openings.

This year we experienced a Mercury Retrograde,  Mars Retrograde and now from May 15th - June 27th (influences felt a few days to a week before and after) we are experiencing a Venus Retrograde.  The retrograding energy is putting out a call to everyone to slow down, stop more often and review.  Take time to review.  Take time to renew and recharge.  Many of you have been working so diligently and so hard you need to take some downtime and unstructured time.  You have to refresh and rejuvenate in body and mind.  Take time to laugh and let some steam off by being a bit silly.  The energetic phase we have been in and will continue to be in are intense, and wont' be easing up.   Part of this Venus Retrograde is learning to love and accept yourself so much that you are more compassionate with yourself and others.  It is ok to take some downtime and renew. 

 I won't go into great detail on the individual astrogical aspects of the retrograde. There are some great posts on this already and a google search will lead you to some.  Also,  I know many of you have your fav. astrology focused blogs.  I simply weave a bit in from a Soul Path perspective.
If you would like some additional astrological info and insights that you can really dive into is Aquarius Papers authored by Robert Wilkinson. He has been a guest on my radio program Awakenings Radio and you can also catch some of the archives if you want to hear more of Robert's insights.

On a Soul level the energetic focus of Venus is attuning.  This time of the retrograde is about attuning to what is authentically you.  Since Venus shows what we love, how we love and where we love to some degree the planetary energy of focuses reflects an outpicturing of  areas of love. On an esoteric level love is known to be the energy of the Universe/s.  Love manifests, expresses and is experienced in many ways and forms.  This love is the energy of all of creation.   Venus represents the force of love.  

We all remember the line in the Star Wars movie: "May the force be with you."  A lot was made to do about this line. It really caught on and people still use it today.  Well, there was and is something in that statement.  When you have the "force" you are aligned to Universal Flow - Source Energies. Your local aspect and infinite aspect are aligned to the resonant and morphogenic fields.  Thus you are in sync, in a flow and experiencing life synchronistically.  You feel a synergy, similar to falling in love.

Many people comment that when they fall in love everything is perfect. They feel great.  They do activities that are healthier because they feel good.  Even if they are going through challenges or have problems they are easier to deal with because they have a beloved.

As a culture this in sync experience has been projected to the "other".  Many people think and feel they can only have these experiences when they have an other in their life; and usually it is a "new" other.   This "new" other takes their mind of the mundane aspect of their life experience and seems to breath magic into their life.

During this retrograde and up to October-November of this year you have a great opportunity to take back projections of love and synergy and realize your own Divine Love nature.

This is a very important part of the Ascension Process and Soul Alignment.  As a collective the upward shift that is happening is urging everyone to resonant to what they truly love and value.  It is a time to let this be revealed, acknowledged and live this daily.

Venus also brings in a focus of creative energy.  As the collective Earth game shifts from Consumer based societies  into  creative - expression based  we need to know what our heart really wants us to create.  I call this moving from consumerism to creativism.
This heartfelt creativity and self expression comes from knowing our Essential Self.
This comes from the Soul Self/Higher Self.   We can't know this if we don't know how to tune into the Inner Guidance and Inner Prompting of the Higher Self.  Our Higher Self reflects the map and path of our Soul.  This Soul Path always leads us to our greatest fulfillment and love.

This Inner Knowing on a Soul level has for the most part been socialized out of many people, and if you have it to some degree it takes a lot of energy to keep this inner connection.  It is not validated in the present time earth game.  Whether it is on a familial level, societal level or global level most structures, groups, institutions and religions have a tacit focus and plan to stamp this part out of the individual.   This is changing. This is part of the Awakening and a crucial part of the Ascension and Soul Alignment 

It is a time to learn; or relearn how to connect to the Spiritual Urge that communicates through Resonance and the Subtle Energy.
The map of the Soul Path is  Resonance , the cartographer is the Higher Self and the science comes from the Soul.

During the current Venus Retrograde we will also experience Venus transiting the Sun. I say this because energetic cycles don't start and stop on one day.  They slowly build and taper off similar to the waxing and waning we experience with the cycles of the Moon.   This transit will be experienced in the Western Hemisphere on 5 June and in the Eastern Hemisphere 6 June.   If we look upon the Sun as our solar energy (Soular) and Venus as our love energy then this transit is emphasizing a focus on what do we love from a Soul level.

The Sun represents how we shine. I look at the Sun as a canvas of a certain color.  Venus is asking: "What, how and where do you want to paint on this canvas?"

Venus calls us to rise above duality, to live more of our "oneness" with each other.  The Venusian energy is a harmonizing force in relationships.  Venus wants us to be together, not just with the "other" but within ourselves.  Venus urges a reconciliation of opposites. This is the terrain of the Lovers- Inner & Outer.  This Divine Love romance is not just with people, but with ourselves, nature, objects, art, poetry, writings, music and all forms of creative expression.  Venus reflects what we value, and this can and does include money and other forms of energy exchange.

Venus also expresses our quality of being.   Venus guides through an ever increasing awareness of ourselves, beyond and including the little self.   With this awareness of our self we are to move from constructed ego consciousness of the false self to the love of the ego/personality that is a direct materialization of the Soul.   When we begin to really see our worth and value it we can express ourselves more clearly and beautifully.  When we realize the Divine gift that we are we can begin to more lovingly express this through our life expression.  When we begin to live this gift in service of love we begin the Soul Alignment that creates the fusion of the little self to the Higher/Soul Self.

In the ascent as we shift upward we are meant to move out of "learning lessons" and into creative self expression in service of Love and the All That Is.  This gives our life even more meaning and fulfillment, to realize we are here for a purpose and have a purpose.  It is not that we won't learn, but in the Soul Alignment and Ascension a great turning point occurs when  are lives are not based on emotionalism and the dual pullings on duality based consciousness.  The only reason we experience dual pullings is that we have not yet reconciled the oppositions within and without.

We will always learn, as a Divine species we are hard wired for this, their is an encoding in our inner software that predisposes us to this. However the idea of "learning lessons" and "learning lesson relationships" began to derail the Soul expression as many initiates and lightworkers stayed in relationships and situations that didn't foster their growth and Soul expression.   Many lightworkers, healers and initiates got stuck in these relationships and used them as a reason they couldn't move forward on their life path.  The excuse became: "I can't leave this relationship because he/she is my teacher and we are learning so much together."

The truth is we are always learning and we have many teachers.  Now that we are in the Soul Alignment it will and for many it is already becoming very difficult to stay in situations that it is truly time to move on from and into a different direction.   This happens naturally and this is the key. It doesn't have to be forced. If you are still in the situation and no opening has been made then you are to remain until your consciousness shifts and your awareness expands into the next phase.

Take time during the Venus Retrograde and the Transit of Venus to tune into your true needs.  Most likely you will have been noticing some changes in your attitude, mental and emotional state of late.
Perhaps you are noticing that some relationships are not as fulfilling; or that you need a different balance of "on your own time" and "time with others".  Or, perhaps you are feeling a need to express yourself more creatively.

Maybe you are also noticing you need to address your food, lifestyle, diet or exercise regime.
For some of you, perhaps you are daydreaming more; or some of your earlier goals are being revamped.
For others maybe new dreams, goals and ideas could be coming to the surface.  For many decisions will be contemplated to bring about more fulfilling was to work and live; and for others the focus on relationships will be key.  Many will be focusing on boundaries and diligently considering what is a right relationship.  Some disruptions and for some eruptions in relationship will only be serving to get clear and adjust boundaries and ways of relating.

Also, if you feel the need to run for the hills, cut off, demand ultimatums, or do major u turns in your life try and wait it out till the close of the year.   Remember retrogrades are for evaluating-reevaluating, gaining insights and clarity to make more life enhancing decisions.  Use this time to feel "it" all out and to become more receptive to the Higher Perspective from your Higher Self not the demands of the little self.   Balance is key here.  We are moving into living and being more by resonance rather than thinking and being overly focused on the mental level.

A gently reminder I can share is right relationship begins from within.  It is easier to be in right relationship with others when you are in right relationship with yourself.


Sneha Singh said...

Thank you blessings and love to you for writing this.

Sneha x

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Sneha Singh :)
u are so welcome. thanx so much for reading & sharing your feedback.
it is wonderful to connect with you here.
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Thank you for sharing our insights. This was so helpful to me.
I called into your radio show from Australia. It is so early for me that I can't always make it.

In Light


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Hi Lisa, thanx so much for tuning into Awakenings Radio & also sharing your appreciation here on this blog. I appreciate u reading & your feedback.
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Hi from New York & Paris
I had called into your show a couple of weeks ago and you said I would be moving and I am!
Your blog is brilliant and has been a massive help to me.

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hi Teresa :)))
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Anonymous said...

I had to read this a few times, but the info is good. Timely for me at this time in my life.
Also, I signed up for your Soular Newsletter and listen to your Awakenings podcast.
I feel these tools and some other ones I am using are really helping me at this point in my life. I am lerning more about what is right for me and my Soul Path.
You are helping so many with your path of service.
Thank you for your continued guidance and inspiration.

Peace Always