Taking Time...

Take time to think about the gifts in your life.

These gifts can be, to name a few,  your  talents, insight, understanding, your family, friends, where or how you live...   There are many ways to look at blessings by looking at what you value and what others value in you.

Our  gifts are what connect us on a Soul level and are a form of Spiritual connection and Soul expression.

All situations in your life are reflecting the best possible unfoldment.

Remember we are not separate beings. We are individual beings; and yet all connected.

No matter what the seeming separations you are connected to everything and everyone.

There is always a connection. This connection begins inside you.

Take time to see the common thread in all you do.
This will guide you to the most fulfillment and call to service.

Your service is using, expressing and sharing your talents, gifts and interests.

The Mystery and Universal Unfolding is working out in wondrous ways in your life.

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