Taking Time to Reflect

Take time to reflect on what is happening in your life, so you can begin to understand and choose what needs to happen.

It is only in reflection that the picture becomes clearer.   The images and the space between the images becomes more defined.

Meditation can help with this; as well as unplugging, spending time in nature; as well as unstructured time in your week.


Shira said...

Often times our biggest issue is not taking the time to stop and ask the questions. Reflection is soooooo important. In these fast changing times, making the effort to tune in and listen and reflect on where we are, and then ask Spirit for guidance .......will keep us in harmonic resonance. We are the symphony, so we must hear the music. :) Much Love and Harmony: Shira

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Shira, I really like what you are saying here :=) you are sooo right we are the symphony & we have to hear the music. -- luv how you put this

i so agree, especially during these times we need to take the time to tune in... not a luxury or "nice thing to do" , but a necessity and an important way of being.

thanx for sharing.

much love, light & harmony

michele :=)