Raising the Octave of your Energy

Take time to feel things out. Watch for the signs of openings.
We can’t see, feel or hear the messages from our Higher Self and Spirit unless we slow down and give up trying to work our “little will”.

Give up “trying” to make something happen or not happen so that you can begin to “see” what needs to come about to be revealed.

Apply energy in the places of your true support and this support will hold you up.
Focus on what is working reinforce and strengthen this trend.

So many times we focus on what is not working and neglect to appreciate what is working for us.
The tide is flowing in the direction of slowing the pace down and looking within.

Many answers are found when we take the time to slow down to see where the true choices and directions lie.
When you have the type of gratitude that you can really feel you begin to harness your manifesting energy.
All energy is from the same Source and is all the same.
The only difference is the focus, quality and vibrational frequency.

You can raise the octave of your energy (emotions = energy in motion) and harness your manifesting energy by not just listing what you are grateful for, but also feeling what you are appreciate in your life.

The more you feel gratitude the higher the octave of your energy.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle, this is awesome!!! Thank you so much for posting this and all you do. This post was so helpful to me this week. What a positive way to start my week. I know have a deeper and more practical understanding of what I am going through. Somehow you made it all make sense.


PS I also listen to you on Awakenings Radio. That is how I found out about your blog. I called you before from Australia. I usually listen to the archives because can't always listen live because it is so early for me.