New Life Brings New Ways of Being...

Release frustrating efforts to force matters.  Go with the Flow.
Take time to tune within through time in nature and take time to feel how your body feels.

Notice what gives you more true joy and vitality and follow this.

Learn to take time out to connect in with the inner knowing of your Higher Self.
Learn to not make major decisions until the will of your Higher Self is made known and true openings are revealed.

A new way of being as you enter the Soul Alignment, Ascension and this phase of Awakening is to connect more with your Higher Self and let this aspect of you guide, direct and co-create with you. 

Integrating your Spiritual Essence and the Inner Knowing of your Higher Self is no longer a luxury or something "cool" to do; it is a necessity.  

Taking time to be in nature will connect you more to your True Nature.

There may be unclear directions, and new openings that are not completely open; or all the way open.

This cycle is ushering an awareness for you to come to realize what is Authentically You….

What grounds you, anchors you, stabilizes you from an inner perspective?  What and where do your true strength lie?

What, who, where & how is your Inner Strength reinforced?

Move toward what strengthens your Spiritual Essence, this will bring you to a place of peace and calm and help you coping with the changes, and new directions on this part of your path.


Anonymous said...

I needed to hear this today. The last 2 weeks I have been feeling really stuck!! Now, I know it's not just me.
Thanks Michelle
Peace and Blessings


Kate said...

I join the comment above!!!Sometimes it's difficult to see that new ways of being are springing up from the 'nothing-seems-happening' situation. I tend to look back without realizing that the way out is not the same as the way in.
Thanks Michelle for encouraging this awareness.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

i have to saw "wow" to you!... i luv what you put here: "tending to look back without realizing the way out is not the same way in.".... so well put & so true.
makes me think that so many times we are trying to follow the 'same' way, when a new way or another way is now required.
puts it all back to faith - trust.
thanx Kate & Inda :-)

keep shining