How the 4th & 6th Soul Ray Influences with the Stages and Forces of the Tree of Life will Affect You During the 2012 Venus Transit

The Venus Transit is a Soular Call deep from the recesses of our Soul call for more genuine living and authentic expression.  This time is a time to focus on what is essentially "you"...

The Tree of Life is an out-picturing of the woof and warp of the All That Is.  

It is the fields of resonance and how they play out and manifest. One could also say it encompasses the Tao and what created the Tao.  The Tree of  Life is the stages of of life, manifested form and the growth process of form.  The Tree of Life is a representation of the essential blueprint of the All That Is.  
We are in such a critical and pivotal transit I also wanted to pose some  questions that will make this passage not only perhaps more fulfilling,  meaningful, but even fun.  I feel when we have more insight and knowledge we can then apply that to the present initiation and focus we are in on our path.  
We don't need to orchestrate our "initiations" the Higher Self, Spirit Teachers and OverSouls do this if we are consciously on a path; especially the Path of Soul Alignment,  Spiritualism and Awakening. 
It is up to us though to look for and know the signs and learn to read the signs that are leading us through our initiations, growth experiences and unfolding.
This transit is testing our ideas of love, value, appreciation, value, energy, attention, art, creativity and self expression.    It is a far reaching transit and one that sets the stage and creates the foundation to what we will experiencing for at least 7 years into our future. 
This transit asks us to make our creations from a place of love and in forms that are authentic, of integrity and truly meaningful to us. In order to do this we have to really honestly let go of what is not longer us; or for some what never was us. It really is a time of contemplation, feeling situations out and learning to let go and let God; or our Higher Self.  We really need to learn to live from the Higher Directive of the Higher Self, the God aspect of us.  We are so being supported at this time to do this and to come together to create communities and systems that support this type of aware, awake and conscious living.

This Venus Transit is bringing in a focused awareness via the 4th Ray - Harmony Through Conflict and the 6th Ray: Devotion, Idealism and Service.

These two rays will be highlighted and entwined in a way that brings more awareness of what is needed in an individual life and our collective expression to foster love and unity.

The 4th Ray of Light- Love Expression brings in an awareness; as well as experiences of art, and creative expression of all forms.

The 6th Ray of light-Love bring the energy and focus of devotion, dedication, helping, healing and the will to serve in the Universal and Divine Plan.  It highlights being of service and wanting to connect with like minded individuals to share, inspire and uplift.

The rays gives us attributes and qualities that we need to fulfill our Soul Purpose. It is also the ways in which from a Soul level from our Soul Blueprint that we are formatted.  We all have a predominant Soul Ray that is our orientation; however we also go through transitions where we are integrating the qualities of other Soul Rays.  Much like an astrology chart we have all the rays within us; it is more a matter or predominance and focus.  One or two are always more dominant.

The lower octave or less evolved aspect of the 4th Ray is opposition with no reconciliation. Also, unity without individuality; or confusion without new order or a new created form. It is also an out-picturing of co-dependent relationships or living in isolation.  The Soul wants balance, as that is the way for the most fulfilling expressions and experiences of love.  The out-picturing that is being co-created is one of synergy and coherence within and without in relationship and societal systems.  For this reason many will be called to reach out and share in community; or establish communities or all kinds virtual and in person with this  purpose.

The lower or less evolved octave and harmonic of the 6th Ray brings fanaticism, uncompromising viewpoints, opinions and beliefs.  Here is where we get a "militarization" of groups, systems and structures.   This is also where "Big Brother" can step in for " "The good of the people".

We are planted on the 6th sphere of the Ten Sephiroth; or the Tree of Life.  I use the word planted because this transit brings in the idea of growth and testing what works and doesn't work.  The idea is to see what truly takes hold and grows.  Do we have the right soil (environment- inner & outer) for our growth?  Are we planting the right seeds; or the seeds in the right soil?  We are being testing by our circumstances and relationships to check in with our Higher Self to see if we are moving in the direction of more love, light, wisdom, creativity in a way that is in alignment with our Soul and Soul's purpose.

From this point of view we are engaged in the energies and focus of Tiphareth.  From  the space of knowingness and unknowingness. Daath comes from the Hebrew word knowledge and is the point in space, time and consciousness where we move from ignorance to knowing.  We move from Faith, Trust in a Universal or Divine Plan to knowing.

Tiphareth is a unifying force field of energy and expression.   Tipareth also represents the sun.    Sphere 6 or Tiphareth connects us to the awareness of Love as an attracting force... They attracting force of the universe/s.
This sphere of experience and expression brings in situations of light, love and coming from the heart.  Tiphareth is about love, not just personal love, but universal, collective love and compassion.  This sphere also calls us to serve through love.

The pathways  that are highlighted on the Tree of Life during this transit are: 6-7, 6-8, 6-9 and Path 7-9.

Pathway 6-7 moves us from Tipareth (Beauty/Love -Victory/Triumph over obstacles) to Netzach. This pathway brings an awareness of patience while traveling on the old road to the new road.  We are at a crossroads that we are hastened not to rush through.  New life can not be pushed.  Just like a new seedling does not grow and sprout more by pulling on the sprout or it's roots.  The seed becomes the sprout.  The old ground is tilled and new seeds are planted.
The seed of the old is in the new.

Pathway 6-7 moves our  awareness and expression of love, beauty, art and refined form into our conscious awareness.  We are in the process of death, a deep transition.  Sphere 6 - Tipareth, the sphere reflecting love, beauty wants to be expressed in tangible forms and expressions.  Will it? Of course, however how will it all be expressed?                                                                                                               

Tipareth is astrologically represented as the Sun and Netzach, Sphere 7 is Venus.
We are being asked to express new more relevant expressions and experiences of love, art, beauty and self expression.  What will it look like? How will we do this?  We don't know yet at this part of the transition.
We have to die to what was before, and yet honor it and know that it is the foundation to what is to come.
Pathway 6-7 is calling forth what is intrinsically you from a Soul level and burning away the rest.
The challenge is to move past limiting forms of identification and roles and allow the real self/Self to shine through.

This is the edict of the Soular energy - Shine brightly or be burned by the light, so that you can rise from the ashes like the Phoenix. Out of the ashes comes new life.  The ashes are the are the earth material to ground and anchor our light in manifested form.    We are reminded that we have many forms, many lives and each time we die, each pyre of ashes makes us rise higher and higher to soar.

Pathway 6-8 - Tiphareth to Hod focuses our attention on the out-picturing and manifesting of the Love/Beauty principle on the mental plane.  It is the Sun aspect of us connecting to the mercury aspect; or mental aspect.

Questions to ask ourself are:
Are our thoughts focused on fear, terror or negative manifestations?
Are there ghosts from the past still haunting us?
Is our mind, beliefs, ideas stopping us from living fully in love and expressing this love?
Are we focused on lack and limitation instead of our Spiritual abundance?

As we travail the steps of Pathway 6-8 we are constantly asked by what is presented to us in our life to see through the illusion of fear.  This fear can come from within us at deep existential levels or be the transitory fears from "everyday living", family, society or the main stream consciousness.

At this pathway we begin to see that focusing on "what can or could go wrong" induces fear.  Also, we soon begin to realize that the fears we have may never manifest; and many times actually do not manifest.

Pathway 6-8 brings learning experiences to tap into your wisdom self and see past illusions, either of your own making or others creation.  We are in a learning phase to learn we can create for the greater good, more fulfillment, love, light, wisdom and abundance or we can create a limited reality and experience.

Here the saying:  All reality is based on imagination; so you might as well create an empowering and abundant one.
Question to ask oneself are:
Am I in integrity to my deepest urges, desires and Soul?
Are my creations authentic?
Am I being driven by fear or inspiration?
Are my creations based on honor, love, compassion and truly life enhancing?
Are my creations, and for this matter is my life based on the superficial?
How can I live more by faith?

This transit also connects us to Pathway 6-9. Pathway 6-9 represents Tiphareth and Yesod. Astrologically these spheres are represented by the Sun and the Moon.   This path calls in our creations to see if they are in alignment with the feeling nature of our Soular expression.
Pathway 6-9 teaches one to be patient and not to jump to conclusions.  Jumping in or out of something to avoid ambivalence, uncertainty, or challenges only creates more hardship.

This is the pathway that brings in the understanding that patience, doing what you can and waiting for the openings of the Universe and the guidance of the Higher Self is the way to go.
This pathway also cautions one against fleeting feelings, delusional romantic relationships and situations that become like sticky glue and difficult to get out.

Sometimes what seems "easy" ends up having far reaching consequences, complications and ends up being something that takes a much longer time to extricate and much more difficulty than our original issue.  

This pathway tests what, who, how and where we are putting value, time, attention and energy into.  We are tested on this Pathway to wait patiently until we really "know" what to do from the Higher Self Higher Directive.  This pathway teaches us to wait for the true openings, insights, understanding that allows us to make conscious life enhancing decisions and not decisions that are based on lower level emotional states and drams.

Some questions to ask oneself at this are:
Are my feelings and expressions in alignment and attunement to our Soul?
Am I being wrongly informed or guided by my emotional responses?
Am I reacting instead of responding?
Do I need to take more time to feel things out; or allow more to be revealed to me?
Am I trying to make a relationship the answer to my problem?
How am I or have I deluded myself; g in the area of relationships?
Am I receiving enough in my relationships?
 AmI always over giving?  Or, do I need to reach out more and give more?
Am I trying to skip steps or looking for the "easy" way out?

We are also being connected to Pathway  7-9; which is also a testing path.  We are being tested and our focus and creations are being tested.  The test is not a "pass-fail" test or a test of judgment.  It is a test to see if our creations; or that which we are expressing is being done in love in accordance to the Higher Divine Will.  What is not in accordance to the Higher Will and Love-Light Expression of the All That Is will fall away. What is tested and takes hold for the higher octave will take root and grow.

Another extremely important aspect of the testing of Path 7-9 is a learning to not jump to conclusions.
We are to be learning to "test" people, situations and our own motivations before taking action.  Part of the testing is to release what blocks our trust in our Higher Self and Divine Soul Path unfolding.
Path 7-9 teaches us to move beyond self deceiving constructs and to deal with what is enduring.
What is allowed to root must be in alignment with the overall trend of the New Paradigm emerging and new forms being manifested.

Each of these Pathways are testing and tempering.  Tempering, or balancing  our decisions and the way we arrive at these decisions.  The testing is testing our desires, creations, relationships and how we express and experience love.  These pathways are creating openings for and synchronistic connecting.  In light of this you really need to be comfortable and allow more space, downtime and "on your own time".

Also, a focus will be on having the strength and patience to endure, to wait out what is occurring in our lives until we receive the Higher Directive from the Higher/Soul Self.  This will come in true opens and not pushing or pulling to "make" something happen or not happen.  This time is really requiring a deeper understanding of our Soul Path an the Universal Unfolding.  As a society, a nation, a global community and as a collective we are being re-directed.  We can either go with the emerging flow, focus and energy; or fight by holding on to our hurts and delusions.

We are being called to live as Spiritual Beings with the energy of our Spirit and the Ultimate Spirit which manifests in many forms.  These forms originate from the template of the Soul.  We can not know this or do this until we come to know our True Selves. The Self beyond the self, and which includes the self.  This is not about denial, but about testing the forms of expression and experience to see if they truly fit in with the emerging plan and trend that i unfolding.

How do we do this?  By having our own system/s in place to tune into our Higher Directive.
I also call this our  Inner GPS .
The Shift that we are in is ushering a time of integrating our intuition, psychic attunement, Wisdom Self ; which is an aspect of the Higher Self.
We do this also by forms of Meditation  to learn how to live in the Meditative State and not just in the 
Observer State of being.  

We need to learn to open to the flow that is individual us and how this fits in with the collective-universal flow.  This means connecting into the Subtle Energy and letting this lead, and not the aspect of us stuck in mental thinking.  As a collective we are learning to move from an overuse of thinking and figuring out to intuiting and being.  The way we are lead is by feeling.  A feeling that is a sensing and being lead by the nudge of the Subtle Energy.

The next Venus Transit will be in 2117.  Where we are guided and ushered to refine, adjust, re-evaluate and re-attune to support, allow and flow with the new direction, experiences and expressions that will be emerging.

The transiting cycle of Venus will last about 7 hours and will be emphasized for 7 weeks and the individual inner spiritual-emotional process will be for 7 months and on an over-arching collective level 7 years when the many of the new forms will be more in the main stream public consciousness and sector.   2020 -2025 There are major planetary and Earth changes.

Much of what many of us have been "working" on will be in a systemized, constructed form.  The word form is key here.  New forms are needed. New ways of being and expressing that are in alignment with our True Essence - our Soul Essence or Soul Self.

Love & Light

Michele :)


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! This is great!
I feel like you described so much of what I have been going through.
I had to read a few times to digest.
I found the questions to ask at this time very helpful and I do feel more hopeful that I will have a relationship after this transit if over.
I really appreciate you taking the time to share your gift.


Anonymous said...

Glad I found you on facebook. Great post and I look forward to more.
Also, I know you are busy, but if you could go into the Soul Rays more I would appreciate it. I read a book on it recently and the healing light of St. Germaine. I have always been interested in the rays and wonder what ray I incarnated under.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi David,
glad you found Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living :=)
i go into the Soul Ray on my radio show Awakenings - Also available on itunes. I will also do a blog post on this. i have one that i am "working on" right now. :-)
if you call into my radio program i can tune into on this
much peace & light

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Kate :=)
i am so glad - in joy that you found this post helpful.
i know it is a lot of info!! :-) i really felt compelled to give more in depth info & insight during this very critical, challenging, pivotal & important transit.
it would not surprise me if you did have a relationship after this transit. that is one of the functions of this transit.
thank u for your comment & appreciation.
in light

michele :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Michele,
So for the past week, since the night of the venus transit I have been having very intense ascension symptoms, like strong vibrations, sharp electrical spasms along my spine, digestive difficulties.
I' m eating less, and keeping it mild like oatmeal, baths and showers help and I've had to resort to daily tylenol, and more water intake. Any other recommendations you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Diane

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Diane,
well, the digestive issues seem to be happening to a lot of people at this time & in general during this patch of the Ascension.
Even though all chakras are being activated, expanded & accelerated; especially the transpersonal chakras 8-12 the 2nd 3rd & 5th are really being emphasized right now.
The 3rd chakra especially- the 3rd chakra is the center of the personality in manifested form. it is the "God" the I Am That or All That Is, Source of All, Source Energies expressing & experiencing as "Diane" (or whatever the person's name is :)
this is the identity chakra. this is why when someone says something snarky, hurtful; or uncool we feel it here. we feel a pang in our gut, or we get an upset stomach or our digestion is off. this is also the area of butterflies in the stomach when we get in romantic love; or meet someone with past life or other dimensional ties--especially past life. it a cue that we are in an astral connection & usually these types of relationships are learning ones and/or completion ones and not ones of "life partnership" or "co-creation" there are more astral/emotional based

Because of this there is MAJOR clearing... this is also the chakra of the "inner child" emotional body/astral connection. It is the area of being comfortable being and expressing as "you". this you is the Soul or complext of energies/vibration & thoughtforms that make up "you" manifesting on the dense physical plane; or earth.

So, a lot of the digestive issues are about clearing and releasing old traumas, identification of "self"

Diane you will want to ask yourself at this time -
what is hard to digest? what can't i stomach right now? are there energies, people, situations that i need more space from, in the now?

also, pranyamas- deep breathing work & alternate nostril breathing can be helpful to help balance & circulate the energy.

also, make sure you are giving enough time for integration of your phases & symptoms of the shift. - journaling/voice notes/art and other forms of expression can help with this - music, chanting, dance & lots of walks in nature.

the electrical currents is telling me that you body is receiving more of Universal & Source Energies. so, to assist in this by aiding the 3rd chakra - emotional body and all that this area of your being means to you.
your denser physical body & etheric body is receiving the impulses from Spirit & the up- leveling of energies.

sounds good re; the baths. u can do a bath with lavendar and/or rose or rose geranium essential oils; or even chamomile tea in the bath (teabag) to help sooth the emotional body. basically your emotional body is needing soothing.
more water in tack is GREAT :-) water really, really helps in this Ascension & Shifting.
gentle stretching, yoga, pilates, swaying and rocking movements help as well.

hope this helps Diane.

i will also discuss more on my radio show - awakenings with michele meiche --- good topic as so many feeling physical symptoms. it seems that the physical aspect of our being is really being emphasized and affected during this part of the Ascension.

please keep me posted

much peace


Anonymous said...

hi michele,
thanks so much for all the wonderful advice......i took a chamomile bath today and it worked wonders.....also mint tea really opened up my chest constiction ( i read up on 3rd chakra foods and it was mentioned)....i look forward to your next podcast.
take care, diane.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

hi diane :-)
you are so welcome :) wonderful to know about the peppermint tea.
so glad you are feeling better.
much peace & light

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Michele. Explains so much that is going on with me.
Peace Always