Fate Does Not Mean "Fated"

Fate is what happens "to" you.

How you respond is what potentially brings meaning to you and your life.

Whether people want to admit it or not there is an aspect within Source Energies - God where the potentiality and outpicturing of you emerged.  From this place there is a template or an individualized aspect of you expressing.  This is the Soul.  This Soul aspect reflects a vibration, a tone, an idea and an impulse that has to, needs to be lived out in concert with the whole of All That Is.

When this living out and expression has been asked and answered it is subsumed back into the All That Is and all that remains is an Essence  similar to a memory; or a hologram that reflects the qualities of the particular Soul Expression and Experience.  I capitalize here, because it's Divine and Sacred.

There is a Soul Path and a destiny unfolding and you can either meet it,  greet it and make great peace and fulfillment with it.

In giving up the supposed path for the Soul Path the greatest love and fulfillment is experienced.  Life is lived sacred in an honoring of that which called the life into being in the first place (and there are many first places :)

Your life is not fated; and yet there is a fate that is unfolding.  The woof and warp of the weave has been threaded.  The die has been cast.  The cast is the Soul Blueprint or Soul Template.  Within this blueprint there is a sacred abundance that is calling out to you to be revealed, lived, appreciated, revered and loved through your life.                                This Divine cast is you.......

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