Applying Energy & Focus

Focus is actually a type of energy.

At this point in the ascension process and during the Venus Retrograde it is important to begin to realize where it is really important to apply your energy and focus.

In basic terms this means cutting down or cutting back on what is extraneous or "wasteful" in terms of energy.  For some this can be on a monetary level and for some an emotional level.   There are many forms of energy and the way that energy is used and expressed. 

Don't get locked into conventional views.  Begin to think outside the box... Your last box.  The last box you were in served you; however the new box is expanded in some way.  You are being asked to broaden your reach and expand your playground.

Look for spiritual playmates that there is a Soul Resonance and kinship.  These will be relationships that don't need to be forced.   The rhythm and frequency might be something new for you; however if you allow the true organic rhythm and timing of the connection you will ultimately feel very fulfilled.


Anonymous said...

Michelle another great post! You are on a roll. Your insights are helping me so much. I am recently unemployed and thus post is a confirmation for me.
I am on a strict budget because I decided to only do work that I really love. I am interviewing the companies. They are not interviewing me!
Thank you for all you do in service.

Anonymous said...

I agree - Brilliant.
Keep up the great work. You are helping so many.
Michele I found you through a series of people that lead me to Awakenings Radio with you. I am also taking your DailyOM online course. If I was closer I would also take your monthly group. I am in England and due to this your weekly radio show and blog are seeing me through my recent transition and awakening.

Anonymous said...

Michel If you have any book suggestions if you would please post. I see you have a lot of authors on your show and this would benefit I am sure more than me.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Jao,
here are a couple of books and will also post on the Awakenings FB page, also :-)

here are few books:
Biology of Belief - Dr. Bruce Lipton
The Bond - Lynne McTaggart
Awakening Earth - Duane Elgin
The Living Universe - Duane Elgin
Wheels of Light - Rosalyn Bruyere
This Thing Called You- Ernest Holmes
Happy No Matter What- SARK