What is Essentially You...

Focus on what has been essentially “you”

Allow this to develop more and mature.   Let your growth expand your True Essence by focusing on what is essentially you.
Focus on your inherent pattern. Focus on the plans, activities and potentials laid out for you, not the ego constructed desires. This inherent pattern is your Soul Design and comes from the Energetic Matrix of the All That Is… Source Energies – God. This Great Mystery is unfolding as you.

One might ask: “How can I know my inherent pattern?”
Your inherent pattern is demonstrated to you by what you draw in for your highest good, sometimes this is on such an expanded level that it is not seen this way until further up the life experience.   It is that which is most life enhancing on all levels.  
This higher good; or that which is most life enhancing will manifest in the various aspects of your being: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and materially.  What is of your Soul Design or Inherent Pattern is what is most naturally drawn to you and what you are most naturally drawn to; whether others understand this or not.   It is reflected in the activities you are drawn to that you tend to lose track of time while doing.  It is your unique way of being in this world. 

The people, activities and circumstances that allow you to express more and more of the “True You” represent the unfolding of your Soular Blueprint, or Soul Design.
Everyone and everything has a blueprint that shows itself as a particular design with a particular function. This even goes beyond DNA and RNA. It includes these building blocks; however is not predicated by these carriers of genetic information.

There is an aspect of all of us that is beyond genetic encoding. In many ways our genetic encoding is a way of experiencing life. We experience through these filters and it is up to the Soul to navigate this terrain. Thought there is a resonance to what we experience we are not our experiences. Once one realizes there is an amazing expression of freedom.
We are the Essence and not the experience.

Take time to determine the thread that connects the whole development of your present self.

Know the age you live in and express what is most important to you within this age and stage.  What is your part to play; to express?  How are you being called to express from the deep level of your being?
We are in the Age of the Soul.  Take time to find your place within this time of the Great Soul Alignment and Soul Expression.

Ask yourself:
What connects you to this time in history?
What is it you feel is important to share at this time?
What are you most passionate about doing and sharing?
The Soul is all about expression and experience.

When I contemplate my life I look back at activities I did as a child and in adolescence. Many of those activities are still deep joys of mine on a level that can’t really be explained. I had a natural affinity for yoga and chanting. I recall one family trip when I was eleven to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park that I parted with my family awe struck at the Hari Krishnas (as we called this group “back then” ☺) as they chanted. I stood by them and mouthed the words. Somehow I knew those words and they soothed my soul. I felt such a deep connection that I couldn’t quite explain. I remember my family up ahead of me about 50 feet or so just watching me smiling.

My parents and grandfather never said anything they just looked at me smiling and said "You liked that." I remembering beaming a replying "yes" and feeling so warm, even though I wasn't quite sure why or what had happened. Years later when I was acting and studying theatre when everyone sang "show tunes" I chanted in Sanskrit, lead my teacher and theatre students in Kirtan. Somehow it just made sense to me rather than sing "Oklahoma" I sang "Kali Durga"

I look back on my life and I see common threads and activities that reflect my Soul Design- my love of music, dance, poetry, writing, spending time at the beach and needing to live near a lake or the sea. I could name many more examples of this Soul reflection. The types of people and circumstances I was drawn to at an early age and a thirst and quest for knowledge and a deep connection to God and the mystery we call life. All of this reflects our Soul Design and if our True Essence and its expression is allowed and fostered we are said to live blessed and life is magical and has great meaning.

Though everyone and everything is ultimately from the same Source we all shine a bit differently. Our True Essence is reflected in the balance that reflects our unique expression. In many ways we are blends of dark and light, shadows of structureless structure, voids and possibilities unfolding and being lived out.

Each Soul lives out, experiences and expresses an idea that was first made manifest in a vibrational form.
We are an idea in the mind of God that became expressed.
 In the most expanded order we are consciousness made manifest and that consciousness that manifests.

No matter what your circumstances, even if your True Essence wasn’t acknowledged, nurtured and fostered you can do this now. You can begin to live a life connected to your Soul and Spirit Led.



Anonymous said...

Love this!!!
Thank You for sharing your timely insights.
This was the cup of coffee I needed to wake me up this morning.

Kate said...

Beautiful inspiration and encouragement.
Thank you for sharing this precious gift.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

kate :-)
thank u so much for your appreciation. i love sharing & i love connecting with everyone here :)
i do hope your path is becoming even more enriched.
much peace & light

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. Explains a lot of what I am going through.