Keep the Door Open

So many want to shut doors as other doors are opening.   
Don't worry about closing doors, or locking doors. 
As your energy and focus is on the new door of possibility and opportunity 
you will naturally begin to focus more on this. 

The Universe - God through your Higher Self  is putting all the pieces together for you.  The only part of you that doesn't know the Divine Plan is your ego/personality. 
The totality of your life and where and how it fits into the Divine Plan is so enormous, so comprehensive, so awe inspiring that the ego/personality could not contain all the details.
Remember, God is in the details :) 

At this point on the Path of Divine Creation if you are "over thinking", "over doing", "over analyzing" "over managing" you block the Creative Life Flow Energy.

You also might be creating a reality and experience that is not in alignment with your True Essence, Soul Blueprint and the Divine Plan.  By pushing or trying to open or close doors that are organically closing and opening you might be attempting to create a circumstance that is inharmonious with the Divine Plan unfolding.

The door that is still open, that you "think" "should" be closed, might be a portal for new energy. It might be a door that a person you need to connect with is coming through.  It might be a foundation that the new doorway  will be anchored or placed upon.
We just can't ever "know" through the awareness of the "local mind" what the Universal Innate Intelligence of the All That Is is of Life is putting into motion.

By doing what is before you there will be a natural inner rhythm that you align to- your own inner rhythm & inner timing.  This timing always fits in with Divine Timing. In fact, they are one and the same.

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