Are You Closing Off Possibilities?

Resistance closes us off to the possibles. 
When we live in a state of perpetual or habitual resistance we not only close the door to the positive and abundant possibilities we begin to lock the door.

Our resistence to what is blocks us from what is unfolding for us.

What is occurring in the present is a necessary step to the new that  
is coming in.  Your Higher Self is orchestrating situations in a way for the most abundance in your life.   Very often we don't understand the order of what is being arranged and on an ego level we can't know the details of  how what is being generated will be manifested. We can get an "idea" of what we are drawing in and we can have our own idea of what we want to manifest.  However, the arrangement of circumstances is directed by a more expanded part of us in accordance with Divine Unfoldment.

There is a natural resistance in growth when our inner psyche is adjusting to new ideas, new stimuli or pathways.  There is a juxtaposition of the "old" meeting the "new". At this time there can be a bit of resistance to stabilize; however resistance that becomes habit is not natural. It is a defense mechanism.  When we are shifting we need to pause, take a breath and stabilize.  

We need to bring our shifting and change to conscious awareness to not only create a subconscious template, but a conscious template of our shift.  This allows us to really grow and become more aware.
This happens subconsciously as well as with conscious awareness. 

During your shifting ask yourself:
What am I feeling?
How can I embrace  and more fully feel what I am feeling?
Where are these feelings leading me?
Then take a really big breath and as you exhale envision and feel the  

Connecting into how you are feeling opens the door to what is present and allows the subtle energy to flow freely.  This starts the process of attracting what is more positive and life affirming for you.



Dina McQueen said...

Brilliant. Divinely guided to this post. Thank you, Michelle.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

hi dina :-) interesting i thought of you the other day ;)
am glad you felt a resonance with this and were divinely guided-- love when this happens :)
i think we all need to hear this; or be reminded of this these days.
keeping open is part of our growth and it is what the soul & spirit of us loves.... :)