Reveal Yourself...

We create and attract both by an ego/personality manifestation and a Soul manifestation.
Both are valid.
At a certain juncture one carries more fulfillment and consciousness.

When the ego/personality is infused with the Soul we then no longer, or less and less express, experience, create and attract from the "constructed ego"

All "manifested form" is from Source Energies, some forms and expressions are just more diluted.

Form is an essence of Spirit and Spirit creates form.

When we are connected to our Inner Truth we can flow more.

Wisdom is knowing when it is time to initiate, take action, persist, persevere or flow.

Take time from the specifics of your daily life to connect into the the ultimate or transpersonal.


2ideas said...

I really enjoyed reading this.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

hi 2ideas, glad u enjoyed reading this. i find this so important during this time of major transition & transformation. the more we are living from our true self (which evolves & unfolds) the more we are living from the template of our soul.
take good care & much peace
michele :))