Secret Wishes

What is unfinished?  What are you secretly dreaming about? Wanting to do? Wanting to live? Wanting to experience? …….  These "Secret Wishes" come from your Soul :)

BUT,  you have to start heading in the "right" direction for what you want to live & experience… You can just let it stay in your mind……. You have to take action……. There  are key steps 

1- If you are experiencing a lot of blocks assess whether the blocks are internal or external.
If the blocks are internal, such as your personal fears or uncertainties take the time to get to the original fear or limiting pattern.  A couple of good tools are:  Personal Releasing Process or Tools for Releasing Blocks

2- If the blocks seem to be more external, such as time, energy or outside circumstances take time to reassess what you are wanting to create.  Perhaps you need to adjust your schedule and realistically allow more space.  Perhaps you need to just do more free form journaling about your idea, new focus or direction.

3- Blocks do not always mean "No". Many times they are messages from the Higher Self to allow more adjustment and integration time; as well as acclimation time.  Our "ego" is programmed to keep the status quo and this is an important function.  So, you may need more time for the "ego" to shift gears and to be re-programmed for your new focus and direction.

4- The action you take needs to be the "right action" not just action or doing for doings sake.

5- Begin integrating your "Secret Wishes" bit by bit... Start by researching your new interests. Designate a journal for these new nudges and yearnings. Write and draw out what you envision and feel.
As you take time to focus on these secret wishes they will begin to take shape and form in your subconscious in ways that are not jarring to your present foundation.

It takes a while for the "constructed ego" to accept the Soul Impressions, urges and desires.  Give time for this and you will begin to live a life of deeper fulfillment and understanding.


In Light

Michele <3

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