Moods Can Affect Your Psychic Tuner

There is no point in moving or making a decision when the options presented are not really worth taking.

Being in perpetual motion creates commotion.

This commotion blocks your connection to your inner guidance.

Feeling overly high or overly low makes you more susceptible to past programming as well as to being unduly swayed by outside influences.  Similarly emotions and desires block our inner knowing.

Moods affect your receptivity.   Moods create clouds in your receptors.  A mood is like driving through smog or winding up a mountain road that is encapsulated in mist.
Moods also signal a time of shifting energy.  An inner processing is taking place.

When connecting into one's inner guidance it is best to focus on connecting into a genuine feeling of neutrality on the decision and inner peace.

This can be done by writing down all your fears about the decision or direction; as well as what you WANT to happen, what you THINK will happen; as well as what you FEAR will happen.

You need to take as much time as necessary to do this until you feel more peace, calm and neutrality.
Once you have connected into your center point to become more neutral you can now ask for you inner guidance, direction or clarification.

Write down the message or impression that you receive.  I also like to ask my Higher Self-Soul Self for confirmation... 3-5 confirmations :)

After you have received your insight you can then connect into the emotional aspect of the situation.  If you have truly arrived at a neutral state to receive your insight this emotional aspect will be a sense of passion and you will feel energized and in joy; however not overly exuberant.

Creating an inner stillness; or more aptly a neutral state before bringing your influence into situations and acting upon your inner directive will allow a more life enhancing and fulfilling vision to be revealed.

The best way to hear the call of your Soul and the guidance of your Soul/Higher Self is through clearing the filtering and practice.  It is an ancient skill from deep within.  It takes time to mine for this treasure within.


Tamera said...

What a wonderful articulation and description of "Divine Nonchalance" In Gratitude....

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Tamera :) hi thank you so much for your in light feedback :))
yes... "Divine Nonchalance"... i love that :)

Anonymous said...

Michelle, just love the way you put things!! This was so helpful. I look forward to more of your posts.

Anonymous said...

This explains why my intuition is usually not accurate.
I have been doing your course on DailyOM and that is starting to help me know the difference between my intuition and ego mind. Also, I am finding that I am having to clear away the debris of past-programming. Your course is helping me do this in ways I never thought possible. I appreciate all the tools you post. I hope you continue to share your work with us on the web.
I have children so it is important for me to learn to live better to better help them.
Best Regards

Anonymous said...

I am trying this daily. I will let you know how I do with your suggestions.

Peace Out