Hearing the Soul Call

We can’t hear our Soul Call unless we can decipher the difference between the outer tugs of reality and the inner nudge of our Inner Directive.  This Soul Call comes via our Higher Self and is relayed to our beta awareness ( everyday-mundane awareness of being) via our intuition and psychic communications.

Learning to hear with our psychic inner ear for some is a natural gift, for others an ability that can be learned. Whether you have the gift naturally or it is a learned ability it will still require practice.

A major focus on our Soul Path & the Path of Spiritual Awareness is to learn to know the difference between our constructed ego and our True Inner Self.
It is interesting that infants, animal beings & most young children know this difference.- unless in a really dysfunctional family dynamic. On average this lasts in children until about age 6-8,

An infant or a child, unless the familial environment is very dysfunctional, this is socialized or “parented out” tends to respond by their intuitive awareness. Many times even in the case of under functioning family dynamics a child will still try and respond from their Inner Truth & True Being.

So what is this ego stuff all about and how does it cloud our vision and muffle our Inner Voice?

In esoteric knowledge & Transpersonal psychology: as well as some Eastern philosophies the personality/ego is considered an aspect of the Soul.

Our true ego/personality is an out picturing of our Soul. It is the Soul made manifest or physical.

When we begin to see that there is no separation we ascend & tune into/connect into our Higher Self. In the Higher Self there is no opposite.

The false ego or "constructed ego" is an identity that we; as well as others have constructed. It represents "what got us kudos" in the past instead of what is our true way of Soul Expressing.

First there has to be a dismantling of this aspect of being & expressing to get to the truth of how we express.

As this is done the true preferences and way of being do begin to shine through more & more consistently.

An important step to connecting in to our true Self/self = Higher Self/Soul Expression is by emotional clearing & re-patterning... releasing limiting patterns of thought & behavior. Also, learning to feel our own inner nudges as to what is really right for us.

This separating out from the false to the real brings us in alignment with our Soul and connects us to our Higher Self. This aspect of us speaks to us in nudges, sensing, feeling, flashes of insight and a very subtle energy.
The feeling that you will feel from this inner communication is a feeling that is more diffused and not from an emotional base. One of my metaphysical teachers would always say if the message is coming from the Higher Self there will be a "quiet calm" no matter what you are being called to do, or what emotion is around the decision. In the center there will be a "quiet calm"

What helps me to decipher the familial, societal and constructed ego calls, and there are many, is to ask myself these questions:

1. Is what I am being drawn to do something that I see others doing that I think will make my path easier?
The constructed ego is always looking for short cuts.

2. Am I doing something or about to do something I think will “get me somewhere”?
The ego loves to be going somewhere and to always arrive ahead of everyone else.
It’s great to have a plan, and to put a plan in motion. It is necessary to have persistent effort; however if most of your life is focused on this you are clogging your Spiritual Flow and blocking your connection to your Higher Self.

3. Am I doing this for the joy of experience and expressing? Is there an innate sense of joy and a tingle of the connectedness to life?
The Soul loves to experience, express, create, share, help, build, connect and join in with others.

4. If  I am being guided to do something I don’t understand; or that I don’t particularly want to do on an ego level I ask myself “Why”? Is it because of how I will be perceived? Does what is in front of me seem too difficult? Would I just rather not face “it”?
In this case in a clear meditative state I take a contemplative view of my life path. I look at where I have been, what I would like to do, what I am doing and I look for with feeling, not just with the eyes, to the small steps in front of me to see/sense (intuitively) how this is fitting in with the big picture of the Divine Plan.

On our path we won’t always understand, or like what or where we are being guided. It is only the constructed ego that is so shortsighted to focus on present moment likes, dislikes or discomfort. In the realm of Spirit and in the unfolding of the Soul these judgments do not exist. You don’t need to “like” something for it to be right action or life enhancing for you. You don’t always need to “feel good” for something to be “right” for your path. This is where so many are mislead. They speak of feeling “good” to manifest or to prove you are on the right path.
This is where trust in your Higher Self and your Soul Path come in to play. The more you can see the steps, the experiences and unfolding of your path as a map of creation and experience unfolding the easier it will be to flow with your unfolding.

It also helps while traveling on the Soul Path and being open to do your Light Service to have like-minded kindred spirits that can be honest and truthful with you.
It’s also helpful to create space for Spiritual Communion,  meditation and daily/weekly use of valid reliable tools for the Path.

The Soul Path is a bit like origami.
It is an art. Each shape is a Divine Expression, and both the question and the answer. 
You need to be comfortable being both the questioner and the answerer.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post.
I am starting to hear my Soul Call and so much is changing in my life.
It is a comfort to know that someone like you is around for all of us to get helpful information.

By the way, I am one of the listeners that called in last week.

Best Always


JaqStone said...

Great questions, Michele. The third has been the most helpful for me. I've been asking myself for the past couple of years if what I'm doing or planning to do inspires joy. If it doesn't, either it is not for me or it is not the time to work with it. Even challenging things stir feelings of joy and expansion in my heart.

Now if I could just remember to ask that question more often! :)

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Jacqueline :)
i have been contemplating this myself as well lately.
i so agree with you if it doesn't inspire joy not the right time or focus/activity.
it is a bit like a "housecleaning" for our life.
great to connect :)
much peace

Mich9 said...

google knows it :-D

Anonymous said...

Michelle, Brilliant post!! This is so timely for me.