Where There is Drama, There is Trauma.

The areas of drama in your life are showing you where you are responding from "wounding" This isn't "bad" it is just showing you where you need to get support, do further healing. Drama shows you were you are not living your life, living your true potential and not fully expressing. I am not talking about the occasional human condition stuff…conflicts & having to work thru something. Consistent drama; especially of the same kind over & over symbolizes the wounding and where one is not focusing on their own gifts, talents & life/creative expression.

Right now it is important to see if and where one is perpetuating "drama". Drama or the "I'll fix this", "I'll fix this person", or "This person has or is the problem and if they would only change" is a way of hiding… Sometimes it is easier to "fix other people or their problems" than to focus on our own and getting "out there in the world". Drama keeps us hiding behind "problems". Drama uses up so much energy we don't have time for ourselves, our career, our service our talents and gifts. Drama is a way of not stepping fully into your life and empowerment.

Where and how we are experiencing emotional drama in our lives is signaling an area where we need healing and attention from ourselves. This can be done in counseling, spiritual center, journaling, going for a walk, meditation, being in nature-anything healing and life affirming.
When we lash out, cut off and/or hurt someone or someone lashes out at us, or cuts off it is done from the place of the wounding.

Everyone is wounded… It is a matter if you are going to live from this wounding; or are you going to get on with you life and create meaningful experiences and ways of self expression. For those of you that feel a calling to help or be of service this is a wonderful to move out of drama filled situations and creating more drama.
Our work, helping others, our creative expression are wonderful ways to move out of "over self absorption". It's healthy to be centered in our Self.. Our True Self… It's unhealthy to be overly focused.
So, take some time to mourn, journal, notice the wounding and hold a sacred space for you healing by acknowledging your wounding and seeing the gifts and using your gifts creatively and in a way that is empowering for you.

My suggestion is for the week; and you can incorporate more as needed, is for you to take a look at the Projection - Perception  process.  Read over it and then apply to your present circumstances.

A focus to keep in mind is where there is anger, frustration, irritation, annoyance and then cutting off a boundary has been crossed….. It may look like an outer boundary, and maybe; however there will also be an inner boundary.

Take inventory on people and situations in your life and notice where you have experienced: anger, frustration, irritation, annoyance, or cutting off. Then notice what was going on right before you experienced any of these emotions in it's gradient forms…

Did something start out as an annoyance? Irritation? Frustration? Anger? A feeling of the need to cut off, like it is life threatening or health threatening almost?

See if you can find where the irritation or annoyance began; or a feeling of "I'm just not up for this; too tired, or I need a break"… This will show you where the boundary was being impinged upon.
If you catch yourself at the "not feeling up to it" phase or the slight irritation you won't need to escalate to anger and long term frustration or unexpressed resentment.

You want to have clear boundaries internally. All relationships are based on an inner relationship- the one with yourself.
Make sure you have enough healthy "me" time.. This means times for constructive-nurturing, creative, self-renewing activities for yourself as well as unstructured time.  

Also, make sure you are not sacrificing your needs and wants for others… This is true with all forms of energy output- physical-mental-emotional energy, time, and money. Notice where you are overdoing, over-giving, over-demanding, or under doing in these areas. Balance is key.

Also, what is key is to make sure in major discussions or times of taking stock, whether with yourself or another individual make sure you have had enough – food, water, unstructured time/nurture time, alone time for your projects and your life. If you are feeling you haven't had "enough" it is really hard to give to others and this leads to frustration, anger and cutting off.

Also, the balance of your time will change over time and during different parts of your life. Sometimes you just have more to give, and other times you need to take a bit more… Be gentle, compassionate and understanding with you true needs and wants now. The more you can listen to your true needs and act upon those the more you will experience peace of mind, inner joy and you will have the energy and focus to move through your growth-changes.

If you are not really listening, hearing, acknowledging and understanding you how can you expect others to. It all starts with us :)

Also, a little saying I came up with I am finding is so apropos to the times we are in and to the Soul Path of growth & empowerment-

Where there is drama there is trauma – michelemeiche


Angela Artemis/Powered by Intuition said...

This was a wonderful post. I so agree. I love your saying too!

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

hi Angela :) thank you so much. i appreciate the feedback :)... i felt so inspired to share this... so much "up" right now re: projection/perception = shadow material & relationships... important time of shifting & more awareness.

keep shining

Angela Artemis/Powered by Intuition said...

Definitely an important time of shifting and more awareness. I'd love to connect on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Michelle this is amazing insight! I love your saying, also!!

Amy Lespron-Arroyo said...

Eventhough I'm just reading this now, It is perfect timing! Thank you :)

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

hi Amy :-)
whatever time is the right time. :)... in fact, always a good reminder. you are so welcome. hope all going in a good flow for you :)