Moving Beyond Duality & Releasing Fear

We are moving into a time of understanding ourselves more as energetic and vibrational beings. To move out of duality we need to move out the play of extreme opposites and polarity. When we "deny the other" the other it becomes projected out. These projections literally clog the astral plane and in order to ascend we need to clear the astral plane and etheric field. These cleansing and clearing is simply an alchemical and energetic process of balancing the polarities. The other is always there. It is inherent in what we see and experience.

In order to not enact the shadow we need to accept the energy of the polarity that is manifesting. Both aspects of the polarity are always manifested. When we do not claim it and integrate it energetically it becomes manifested thought and physical forms.

In order to ascend we need to come to the middle way, the center point.

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