Your Intuition is Crucial Now - the Shift Update

The ability to use your intuition is crucial now.
You will find yourself inspired now to do a "life review" to see what is still relevant for you and where your true focus lies. It is important to be able to look beyond the surface appearance of situations. For some this will mean waiting some situations out, for others decided action.
This is an excerpt from the the Small Business Big Idea radio show  

We are in the phase of shifting.  Many have shifted and have been living with the New Emerging Consciousness and the Energies of the New Emerging Consciousness. This helps. This mitigates the affects of the shifting. The individual, group, and community based shifts are the foundation of the more broad based shift that needs to occur. This ushers in the changes  through the subtle energy of the resonant field of consciousness and throughout our shared systems of living and being.

Seek to understand what really fulfills you and let this be your priority.  Be open to new ways of self expression.  When you follow what enlivens you this will bring the most abundance and fulfillment.  Look to where you can give back and be thankful for what you do have and what you can do.  This sense of gratitude aligns you to the wave of abundance that can will take many forms and bring the resources that you will need at this time.

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