Gratitude for....

I am about to go in session. I made some yummy Chai tea with rice milk and I have on my cozy comfy slippers.

I am so grateful for my cozy comfy slippers & cozy comfy house.

I am so grateful for connecting with all of you through my blog.

Thank you for taking the time to read what I share; and for some of you thank you for writing back and sharing what I share with you.

We are in a very special time right now. We have turned a major corner and crossed a major bridge and passed through a very powerful gateway.

We are in new land and in new territory in so many ways.

I have so much more to share. I am working with some helpers now to get more of the information out to you. I have some voice notes and videos I will be sharing.  You can pass them on; and maybe if you feel a resonance write and share with the world a bit of your own path and process.

I am still recovering from my concussion and whiplash so I have had to write less.  In time I will more fully recover and post more regularly.  My writing and sharing is one of my passions and another way I connect to my purpose. It is doubly fulfilling that I am able to share with each of you.

Thank you all for connecting and sharing.

I so appreciate the beauty that is each and everyone of you.

Take time this week to notice and enjoy what is comfy-cozy for you.

Keep Shining :)


bleuet said...

Dear Michele,
In the 1976/1977 I had a concussion and whiplash experience as well and at that time i was not as consciously evolved as I am now - that would have helped :). Wishing you the best recovery all in your time and for your highest Good. Always love all your posts and messages - Thank you - Mahalo for all, I Love you and big Hugs always Silvia

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

hi Silvia, i didn't know sorry to hear of it... you will have to let me know what helped you & how you fared. it is quite a much longer healing process than i could have ever anticipated... i won't "go on" here-but i am sure you know.
a gift to be able to connect with you & everyone here.
big hug, much peace & light :))