What Needs Revolutionizing in Your Life?

If you look at the word economy or economics it is about managing our "currency"
Real Estate and money is a form of currency; however not the only ones; or the only viable forms.
One of the reason this major shift is occurring is that we as a collective and as individuals have gone as far as we can in the old paradigm and within the old systems that held this paradigm in place.
It is a good idea to have parallel resources and to see yourself as a resource.

If we were to continue in the old formulaic way we would quite literally become extinct.  You can see that many of the old ways of being and relating were showing threads of erosion.  You can also see in the main stream manifestation of consciousness that the over focus on individualism is no longer sustainable or growth promoting.

The systems are breaking down to reflect more abundant and authentic forms that are sustainable.
This has to happen to allow the energies of the "New Emerging Consciousness" to anchor, take hold and proliferate.

The new economy will recognize that everyone has not only a "right to be"; but is needed and integral to the overall system.

Many political, environmental; as well as economical pundits are searching for answers and espousing their own brand of solution.  This will be beneficial to a degree; however the actual solutions will be so individualized and will need to be birthed out of the uprising and self expressive needs of  the new consciousness that is erupting via the long term systemic crisis' and the present crisis.  What does this mean?  It means that forethought of solutions will not be beneficial.  It isn't until the New Emerging Consciousness is more anchored in the collective that the decisions, focuses, philosophies, ideas and solutions that will truly create sustainable change will occur.

What creates this catalytic synergistic change?  The Shift... The process of awakening and shifting from an over polarized playground.  It isn't until enough of the populace shift that the new emerging consciousness and the awareness that this will bring will be effective.

It is a time to know where you stand. What and whom really nurtures, nourishes, enlivens and sustains you.  Everyone has a place in this awakening.  Everyone is hearing a call.  Your unique gifts, talents, resources, abilities and interests will show you where this call will be manifested.

Not everyone has to "march" as in activism or outward protesting; however you can be an activist in your own life and arena.

Take time to really look at your life and see what needs revolutionizing or updating.  Your own revolution can be living a life that is more meaningful for you, helping others and giving back to your community or others less fortunate than you.
Another revolution that is taking place is releasing roles or beliefs that are not longer productive; or that are holding one back.  All revolutions are ultimately an inner one.

As each of us individually and within our own eco-system (life- family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, communities) take time to resolve inner and outer conflicts this radiates out into the "field of consciousness".  This shift in consciousness individually is the foundation of the changes that are to happen collectively.


Tunisia Jolyn said...

Great post. I love the proposed question. We usually don't think of the term 'revolution' in an individual sense but it does take many individuals to create a revolution. A shift in consciousness was needed to create past revolutions and is needed today to create this revolution, individually and collectively. Thanks for sharing this. :)

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hey Tunisa, glad u like this post :) ... it is the individual that makes up the collective. the more we can shift individually the easier it is to get to critical mass & the tipping point for outer changes in our personal lives & the collective.
all change begins on an inner level & is enacting on a non-physical (etheric) level be-4 it is seen in manifested form.
great to connect & thanx for the feedback

keep shining